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  1. Hi all let me gather you to Humanity Gaming MTA:SA Roleplay First of all: Humanity gaming is known for Gmod, FiveM and now also MTA. the mta roleplay is a next level of adventure, we maked Bone county into a island wich is also the play area, Whats makes us unique? as every roleplay server we want to give the player the best oppertunity to roleplay and give hem the best experience at our servers we have created a well developped gamemode, unique map bone county turned into a island and created it county style Features Bone County
  2. as seen you have allready ended it sadly also stolen name and server? please stop making servers in order to get players you wouldnt reach any with starting stolen gamemods other then owl make youre own at least or give credits to the orginal dev teams.
  3. Server is using stolen resources of the radical gaming roleplay and has no right to use the scripts after confronting the owners about it they banned us. this is a stolen server
  4. We are ready to launch the staff is finnishing the last small bugs and we’re good to go. see you tomorrow
  5. We are on the count down mode over 4 days its so far we all where waiting for, on the moment we occure some errors on the database but this wouldnt get us down do we see you on 10th of juli? radicalgamingrp.com
  6. After 6 months of developping i can now proudly announce that we’re finnish and are in the test and debugbing phase
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