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  1. @IIYAMA this worked, thank you.
  2. Even when altering the lines like you mentioned it is not working properly. The fact that I also trigger the clientside script on client by calling the function indicates that the function is working as intended. Though, it used to work as intended via the triggerClientEvent, but somewhere along the scripting process it stopped working. Hope anyone else has had the similar problem and knows a solution.
  3. Hey there, While scripting I stumbled upon the following problem: I want to trigger a clientsided function when a player joins the server. But for some reason the script does not recognise the addEvent() I added in client. I hope anybody has a way to solve this issue or knows a way around this. Thanks in advance server code: addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin", getRootElement(), function() setElementData(source, "loggedOn", false) redirectOpenPanel(source) end ) function redirectOpenPanel() triggerClientEvent("openPanel", source) end client code: function openUserpanel() -- Do stuff end addEvent("openPanel", true) addEventHandler("openPanel", getRootElement(), openUserpanel) debug gives the standard 'triggering client event. but event is not added clientside'
  4. Hey! A few weeks ago I decided that it would be nice to start playing MTA again. So I installed MTA again, and started the client. Whenever the client tried to go in-game it gave me a bugsplat-field. At first I was like this should be a compatibility problem, and I started playing around with the Compatibility Tab in Properties of the MTA.exe. Tried everything but it seemed not to work. Now, a few weeks after I tried this, the new patch came out 1.3.3. I was excited to try it again, Yet sorta similar problem occured. When I started the MTA.exe it gave me a window saying Nvidia Optimus was detected and I should choose 1 of the 4 options listed beneath. I did and started it, the first and third one did go in-game but froze at the menu. The second and fourth was not able to get in-game. Pretty disappointed I was looking for an answer. Some forums recommended me to check whether my video card drivers were up to date. So I checked it and updated it. with the same problem occuring. also I installed the new DirectX, cause the second and fourth gave me some indication DirectX w as not working properly. Nothing worked. Now I hope you guys could help me. Additional Information/Screenshots: - Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64 bits. - http://img833.imageshack.us/img833/8657/75lz.png Yours Sincerely Killerbee_x.
  5. Killerbee_x.


    ccw has already fixed it. He wanted to add filters to fake servers, but for some reason he added it to our server. After I talked to him he had deleted it, which caused the problem to be solved. So, this can be locked whenever there are no more questions. Regards, Killerbee_x.
  6. Killerbee_x.


    Hey guys, I'm encountering a problem with my servers lately. For some reason they don't appear in the serverlist. It has always worked perfectly, just for some hours/days members have asked me whether servers were offline or online, because they couldn't find them in the normal serverlist. I've been having lots of troubles cause of this because most of my members connect to our server via the normal server list, not really via IP. Which means they consider my server offline and find their luck somewhere else. Is there anything I can do about this, so I can make my server appear in the server list; Additional Information: our server IP is static, and is not changing. means it's also for like 1 year the same already. Yours Sincerely SoH|Clan.
  7. Perhaps u should download the maps, and upload them on your private server; so you can test them and u don't give me so much time to make screenshots of all (over 80 maps) maps.
  8. Hey guys, After a while thinking of it, I've decided to share my latest maps with the public. I hope you like them more than the first ones, because I hope I've progressed This mappack contains 32 maps, 1 RDD and 31 DD maps. Link http://www.mediafire.com/?xfphnmlw7m4m1c3 Thank you for downloading, I'd appreciate a feedback Greetings Killerbee_x. SoH|Clan
  9. This means you have already a server running with the same settings!
  10. Hey guys, I've got a problem, again. somehow the plain race resource won't work on my 1.2.0 mtaserver, it keeps giving me errors (see picture): Can someone help me? Thanks, Killerbee_x SoH Community if g_MapOptions.skins == 'cj' then spawnPlayer(player, x + 4, y, z, 0, 0) local clothes = { [16] = math.random(12, 13), [17] = 7 } -- 16=Hats(12:helmet 13:moto) 17=Extra(7:garageleg) for vehicles,vehicleclothes in pairs(g_VehicleClothes) do if table.find(vehicles, spawnpoint.vehicle) then for type,index in pairs(vehicleclothes) do clothes[type] = index or nil end end end local texture, model for type,index in pairs(clothes) do texture, model = getClothesByTypeIndex(type, index) addPedClothes(player, texture, model, type) end elseif g_MapOptions.skins == 'random' then repeat until spawnPlayer(player, x + 4, y, z, 0, math.random(9, 288)) else local ok for i=1,20 do ok = spawnPlayer(player, x + 4, y, z, 0, getRandomFromRangeList(g_MapOptions.skins)) if ok then break end end if not ok then spawnPlayer(player, x + 4, y, z, 0, 264) end end
  11. Actually I don't think this is the solution, Because when the ACL is deleted, I am always trying to start the server with a plain acl, you know the standard one delivered with MTA resources. When I start this server, is suddenly makes an 'back-up' with 0 bytes in it, and the file I just added is also 0 bytes. Like when I open it all the characters in it are deleted.
  12. Killerbee_x.

    ACL problem

    Well, I didn't know where to put this problem, so I just put it in general. problem: Since a few days I notice problems to my server. to be exact, everytime when I start my server, it automaticly deletes all text in my acl.xml resource. so I can't change it in-game, and when I restart my server, the server doesn't even start, because there is no useful acl in it. Is there any way to solve this? Additional Information: My server is running on 1.1.0 version of MTA My ACL has fully rights Yours Sincerely SoH Community Killerbee_x.
  13. Killerbee_x.

    Server names

    Problem/Explaination: Lately there have been servers which are using our clanname in their servername. This to hope they could get players to their (stolen) servers. I've been wondering if there isn't anything to do about it? I mean, I don't need these kids using my clanname, without permission. Example: The ~STH~ server is/was using our tag (SoH) in their server. So I decided to go there and ask them why they're using our tag in their servername. The answer was shocking; 'I hate u', 'You oç!' I guess the moderators should do something about these kids, because it shouldn't be able to use clannames. Regards, Killerbee_x.
  14. Hey, I don't think I have to explain much about this problem, the pictures speaks for itself. picture: |SoH| i HATE Bee!| How can I stop these childs? Killerbee_x.
  15. Ja, als je de ID weet kan je het systeem de skin laten toevoegen,
  16. Since a week (since the update from 1.0 to 1.1) there always occur problems with the maps I've uploaded. After the server has loaded a speed map it loads 1 object wrong, which is mostly crucial for ending the map. Is there any explaination for it, or fixable..... Hope I've formuled it correctly. Killerbee_x.
  17. Anyone already succeeded?
  18. Killerbee_x.

    FAKE "GMC"

    I've played on GMC too. I think GMC is a good example of a big server which is getting faked by naabs who couldn't get in the clan for some reason. my opinion is that the 'leaders' of mta, should supervise servers, and that they can close them whenever they want. hope the crew does something about it!
  19. Haha, Ty it works. Also where do I have to put the message to the player when he gots unmuteD?
  20. I just sent you my whole script, I dont have more T__T
  21. ERROR: Infinite/too long execution (Die) ERROR: Aborting; infinite running script ps: dont look the resource name^^
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