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  1. LuzC

    Starting a RP community?

    Are you sure that you posted in the correct section? If sales are allowed in this forums, provide more details about the scripts/resources.
  2. LuzC

    [DEAD] Minecraft Classic 0.6

    @The_Kid, I'm not saying I don't trust you. Just giving you good luck upon doing that. I mean doing the coding at the pressure plates, levers, minecart part where it needs quite an amount of maths.
  3. LuzC

    [DEAD] Minecraft Classic 0.6

    Good luck trying to make the alignment perfect. I could help creating a custom map with this GM. Also, good luck doing the maths part. It'd be hard doing the redstone wires, dispenser, redstone circuit's maths.
  4. People who get a black screen try using fadeCamera.
  5. LuzC

    Unbind mta client key ?

    Esc > Settings > Binds > Fire > Double click ALT.KEY ( mouse1 ) and press the key you want.
  6. LuzC

    hedit: MTA Ingame Handling Editor V2.1.4

    Hey, and estimation when the handling functions will be available?
  7. LuzC

    [HELP]Exp on hunter pickup

    Show getPlayerAccount, setAccountData and setAccountData.
  8. LuzC

    Fire Extinguisher and Fire Truck to Repair

    If you guys still don't understand him : He wants a code to not let vehicles get on fire when it is low HP and make the the people fire extinguish their own vehicles.
  9. LuzC

    hedit: MTA Ingame Handling Editor V2.1.4

    Is the test server 24/7? And has the handling functions been added in yet?