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  1. Are you sure that you posted in the correct section? If sales are allowed in this forums, provide more details about the scripts/resources.
  2. @The_Kid, I'm not saying I don't trust you. Just giving you good luck upon doing that. I mean doing the coding at the pressure plates, levers, minecart part where it needs quite an amount of maths.
  3. Good luck trying to make the alignment perfect. I could help creating a custom map with this GM. Also, good luck doing the maths part. It'd be hard doing the redstone wires, dispenser, redstone circuit's maths.
  4. People who get a black screen try using fadeCamera.
  5. Esc > Settings > Binds > Fire > Double click ALT.KEY ( mouse1 ) and press the key you want.
  6. Hey, and estimation when the handling functions will be available?
  7. Show getPlayerAccount, setAccountData and setAccountData.
  8. If you guys still don't understand him : He wants a code to not let vehicles get on fire when it is low HP and make the the people fire extinguish their own vehicles.
  9. Is the test server 24/7? And has the handling functions been added in yet?