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    Relative Element Positions

    Wow, yeah, now I feel like a moron for asking such an obvious question . Thanks a lot, I don't know why I just didn't think of this earlier...
  2. TheHeadHunter

    Relative Element Positions

    Greetings, I come to you today with a very interesting question, imo. I need a way to get an element's position, relative to that of another. Example: element1's absolute ( world ) position is x:100 y:100 z:4. element2's absolute position is x:90 y:90 z:3 So, my question is, how can I get the coordinates of element2, relative to those of element1? Meaning, the relative coords 0;0;0 will be at 100;100;4 absolute. And element2's coords should be -10;-10;-1 relative. I hope I was clear enough in my explanation of what I need... Edit: In case you're wonder why I just don't do what I'm planning with absolute, it's because it will involve vehicles which will move around, so it's not really an option. Also, sorry for the lack of code, but it's more of a theoretical question than anything.
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    GUI Element's Alpha

    Thanks for the quick reply Casti
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    GUI Element's Alpha

    Greetings Everyone, So today I downloaded the newest version of GUI Editor, and I found the inclusion of the Alpha sliders very handy. However, I've noticed that whenever I set one element's Alpha, it's child elements also change their alpha to the same as the parent. So, my question is this: Is it possible to change a GUI Element's Alpha independently of it's parent and keep it that way? I'm sorry if this thread seems very empty in terms of lacks of code example, for I have none to show you. It's just a question.. Greetings, - ProcyonBeta ( aka TheHeadHunter )
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    Login Panel

    If you want to make your own account system, then yes, SQLite or MySQL would be the best solution. However, if you're interested in making a Login Panel which uses the default MTA account database ( internal.db ) then look into the logIn and logOut functions. And addAccount/removeAccount for registering and removing registered accounts. Creating and scripting the GUI itself is another matter entirely. ... ng_the_GUI
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    General question between two SQL functions

    I believe the executeSQL* function are for the database that comes with the MTA server ( registry.db ) and is, as you might expect, SQLite only. db* functions can be used for databases other than registry.db ( dbConnect is used for that ). At least that's how I remember it being...
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    help me poblem ? race

    sory me no help wit ur problem me not knowing wat ur problem eez.
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    Invisible Ped?

    Ok, so I've got this weird bug going, client-side. I've been trying to fix it myself, but nothing seems to do it. addEventHandler ( "openCharacterGUI", client, function () showCursor ( true ) guiSetVisible ( charWindow[1], true ) triggerServerEvent ( "getChars", client ) charPed = createPed ( 34, 0, 0, 0 ) setElementFrozen ( charPed, true ) setElementPosition ( charPed, 1254.7118, -1439.0953, 333.8233 ) setElementDimension ( charPed, 0 ) setElementInterior ( charPed, 0 ) setPedAnimation ( charPed, "ped", "IDLE_stance", -1 ) setElementRotation ( charPed, 0, 0, 0 ) setTimer ( function () localCharSkin = tonumber ( getElementModel ( charPed ) ) x,y,z = getElementPosition ( charPed ) setTimer ( function () outputChatBox ( "PedLoc: "..x..", "..y..", "..z ) end, 200, 10 ) if ( charPed ) then outputChatBox ( "char = true, "..tostring(charPed).." "..tostring(localCharSkin).." "..getElementInterior ( charPed).." "..getElementDimension(charPed).." "..getElementAlpha ( charPed ) ) else outputChatBox ( "char = false" ) end end, 100, 1 ) end ) Before you ask, yes, the "openCharacterGUI" event IS triggered, because the GUI does appear, and so does the cursor. The only thing that does not appear is the Ped. As you guys probably noticed, I've put in some debug messages to find out just what's wrong. And that's the point, nothing is wrong. According to the debug messages, which go: char = true, userdata: 000201E2 34 0 0 255 PedLoc: 1254.7117919922, -1439.0953369141, 333.82330322266 PedLoc: 1254.7117919922, -1439.0953369141, 333.82330322266 PedLoc: 1254.7117919922, -1439.0953369141, 333.82330322266 PedLoc: 1254.7117919922, -1439.0953369141, 333.82330322266 PedLoc: 1254.7117919922, -1439.0953369141, 333.82330322266 PedLoc: 1254.7117919922, -1439.0953369141, 333.82330322266 PedLoc: 1254.7117919922, -1439.0953369141, 333.82330322266 PedLoc: 1254.7117919922, -1439.0953369141, 333.82330322266 PedLoc: 1254.7117919922, -1439.0953369141, 333.82330322266 PedLoc: 1254.7117919922, -1439.0953369141, 333.82330322266 It's saying that yes, the ped exists. It's skin is 34, dimension is 0, interior is 0, it's Alpha is 255 and the location does not change at all. And yet, I see not ped. I've even taken a jetpack to the location the ped is suppose to be at, and it's not there. I've checked the central map coordinates, it wasn't there either. Finally, I decided that this script was basically turning into a "Where's Wally" game and came here for advice... Also, note, this IS part of a larger client-side script, but I have no reason to suspect anything else in there would be causing this.
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    Peds TXD replacing tutorial

    cool,Thanks [DKR]Oz
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    Peds TXD replacing tutorial

    Hey Guys i was wondering if there is a txd for the default skin for GTA(the CJ skin)?