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  1. mapdisplay = dxText:create('*Map: none', 2, screenHeight - dxGetFontHeight(0.7, 'bankgothic'), false, 'bankgothic', 0.7, 'left'), authordisplay = dxText:create('*author: none', 2, screenHeight - dxGetFontHeight(0.7, 'bankgothic')/3, false, 'bankgothic', 0.7, 'left'), It puts mapname and author name in left bottom corner. it displays like this Map:Craving v15 Author:Sebas i want it to look like this kinda Map:Craving v15 Author:Sebas so basically i need to add 2 seperations for map: and mapname part then add color codes.
  2. Chia

    Can't Register

    Hey All, so i rented a server from ServerFFS a few months ago, and i put it down and now, it is back up. but there is a problem which i forgot how to fix. how do you add accounts? i've gone to accouns.xml and added them but i cannot login
  3. sorry i did not realize it went onto page 2 ;l so i thought it was bugged my bad ;l Fixed* image files were not right in meta
  4. i can get resources with no images to work. but if it has images i cannot. do i place them anywhere? i just have them in their invidually
  5. well flood worked... gonna try aibo's cctv if its good just close topic
  6. Here is a much simpler one that does still not work. http://img52.imageshack.us/i/ffs2.jpg/ - server has been restarted - when i go f8 and refresh nothing happens - still doesn't work - not in mta config problem? (if i dont want it on start up) - it downloaded something new when i returned after restart All i've done is that nothing else... am i forgetting something
  7. i fixed the copy's and when its zipped it stays zipped.
  8. they dont? ;o il try that then thanks
  9. just did that made no difference
  10. well i changed it to no caps. restarted ofc. and still nothing when i go into admin panel its not in resources their either.. im wondering if u dont put all the files there? or maybe ffs is shit?
  11. I've restarted it. il try refreshing and il try no caps thanks aibo
  12. well im hosting it through ServerFFS so there is no server/mods/ only /mods/deathmatch I have not touched anything just uploaded ;s
  13. i've tried but it says resource is not found same if i put it in server.config
  14. hey sorry just a quick question for anyone that knows about servers for Mta Now i know some java, so i can understand some of it but not great at all I want to add a speedometer to my server. - i downloaded a set, and uploaded it all to the directory - i've made a new directory for it under /mods/deathmatch/resources/speedometer but its not on server. do i need to call it? or something to get it to work? Really would appreciate the help cause i've been working on getting everything to work for like 12 days ;p
  15. Hey all, I've recently bought a server from ServerFFS and i'll admin idk what im doing. There is a configuration in control panel. But idk if I use that or do I use the one in my acl file in my mta server files Also how do you configure the server so you can: 1. Register & Login? 2. How do you configure admins? thanks for reading, hope you can help
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