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  1. Hey there... I'll just get here to say that I did indeed work with him a few years ago. I made many scripts and I have been paid as we agreed, so I do think he's trustable but he also requires a person with responsibility on his acts.
  2. Lately, I wasn't able to reproduce it in the last 3 days at least (i had this going for a few months) Here are the logs
  3. Sometimes (not every), MTA client can take a lot of time to open, and by a lot I mean ~1 minute or so. On normal stages, from splash screen to the main menu it can take ~10 seconds. However, some other times, the splash screen is displayed and then it takes 1 minute to get the game opened. Is there anything I can provide to help? Greetings
  4. Hi there, Feer here

  5. ... o-966036a1
  6. Typical algorithm for this: var max = 0 var player = null for each player ingame... do if (murders > max) max = murders player = currentplayer fi done Please notice that this will consider, in case of a draw, the last ocurrence.
  7. Hey there, I have found some links describing how does OOP LUA work.
  8. you can't sell something you haven't made nor have rights
  9. Insane. Congratulations and it's a pleasure to be able to help.
  10. Comunidad, Decidí hacer un experimento en base al gamemode MTA DayZ. Hemos abierto un nuevo servidor (yo junto a un amigo) y estaremos enfocados en ver que tal es el desarrollo. Si vemos que tiene éxito nos encargaremos de ir agregando features y addons, y, porque no, de unirnos al equipo de desarrollo del gamemode para ayudarlo a llegar al release final. Acá hay información del servidor: mtasa:// o connect 22103 Saludos, Renkon!
  11. Puedes usar un conversor de texto a SHA1, y editar la ROW poniendo el SHA1 del conversor de texto. Por ejemplo creas la pass pepe123, conviertes a SHA1 y editas con el valor.
  12. go ahead with your plan.. if i'm lucky enough to get some free time i'll probably give a hand... well, at least i fulfil minimum requirements go for it
  13. Ubica el thread en su lugar correspondiente, por favor.
  14. Have you tried creating a scene for fullscreen window, in this case gtasa.exe?
  15. its the same, ubuntu, debian, even oracle linux / rhel can run mta