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  1. MTA client start time

    This happened to me like 9 months ago. However, as time went by it didn't seem to happen anymore
  2. Question

    En todo caso, no es un "bug", es un error tuyo de codificación. Consideras una sola variable de usuario para todo el servidor, entonces más vale que no realizará lo que deseas. En todo caso tu solución es tener un arreglo de n variables (donde n = cantidad de jugadores), y ahí seteas el valor que deseas.
  3. Hey there... I'll just get here to say that I did indeed work with him a few years ago. I made many scripts and I have been paid as we agreed, so I do think he's trustable but he also requires a person with responsibility on his acts.
  4. MTA client start time

    Lately, I wasn't able to reproduce it in the last 3 days at least (i had this going for a few months) Here are the logs
  5. MTA client start time

    Sometimes (not every), MTA client can take a lot of time to open, and by a lot I mean ~1 minute or so. On normal stages, from splash screen to the main menu it can take ~10 seconds. However, some other times, the splash screen is displayed and then it takes 1 minute to get the game opened. Is there anything I can provide to help? Greetings
  6. Hi there, Feer here

  7. LinkedIn? ... o-966036a1
  8. [Help] setElementData/getElementData

    Typical algorithm for this: var max = 0 var player = null for each player ingame... do if (murders > max) max = murders player = currentplayer fi done Please notice that this will consider, in case of a draw, the last ocurrence.
  9. Hey there, I have found some links describing how does OOP LUA work.
  10. [SELL] GameMode DayZ Addons

    you can't sell something you haven't made nor have rights
  11. MTA:DayZ 0.9.6a [OUT NOW] [OPEN SOURCE]

    Insane. Congratulations and it's a pleasure to be able to help.
  12. Comunidad, Decidí hacer un experimento en base al gamemode MTA DayZ. Hemos abierto un nuevo servidor (yo junto a un amigo) y estaremos enfocados en ver que tal es el desarrollo. Si vemos que tiene éxito nos encargaremos de ir agregando features y addons, y, porque no, de unirnos al equipo de desarrollo del gamemode para ayudarlo a llegar al release final. Acá hay información del servidor: mtasa:// o connect 22103 Saludos, Renkon!
  13. Desencriptar contraseña SQL

    Puedes usar un conversor de texto a SHA1, y editar la ROW poniendo el SHA1 del conversor de texto. Por ejemplo creas la pass pepe123, conviertes a SHA1 y editas con el valor.
  14. MTA:DayZ 0.9.6a [OUT NOW] [OPEN SOURCE]

    go ahead with your plan.. if i'm lucky enough to get some free time i'll probably give a hand... well, at least i fulfil minimum requirements go for it
  15. Necesito ayuda con un Script

    Ubica el thread en su lugar correspondiente, por favor.