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  1. You do not know united states law? or international law for that matter? these guys don't have lawyers to draft up a *real* license agreement so just take it with a grain of salt. there's export restrictions, export laws, then you get into copyright (of which this mod is not) and so on.
  2. Actually 0.1 is better than this. Sure it doesn't show you people's names, but at least everytime I get into a car, 0.1 didn't spawn a car INSIDE of the car I got into! If they are going to raise version numbers, it should at least improve to some point. I know it is "alpha" just like everyone else. I'm not saying it should be perfect before you start to flame. It is just that 0.2 is significantly worse than 0.1. You want some facts? I'll post screenshots and video of the problems. Lets just bring on 0.3 to fix the issues.
  3. I say within the next two months.
  4. As I said: Windows 2000 is faster than Windows XP. It's been tested numerous times. No one said anything about stability (except the one guy a few posts up) and unless Microsoft really screwed XP, it will be just as stable as 2000.
  5. Windows 2000 = version 5.0 Windows XP = version 5.1 XP is more of a marketing gimmic than anything. Some software is now forcing you to use XP and ONLY XP otherwise it will not install. Windows 2000 is faster than XP. Don't believe me? Look it up. XP is like ME. Terrible. Get 2000 with service pack 4 and save some money.
  6. I smell BS. I highly doubt Rockstar is going to patch any of their games past one patch.
  7. This has only happened when I started a server on my computer, and two friends joined it (along with myself). They could see each other, but neither could see me. I had to quit out of the MTA client and start it again in order for them to see me. Reconnecting didn't do it (twice). Windows 2000 SP4
  8. Let me know... in 12 hours I am going to be there. Even though Internet will be available (as far as I know) people say it won't be fast, and it will be restricted. The main room: http://www.quakecon.org/images/2003/set ... .thumb.jpg
  9. What I have seen the most is infinite ammo and using that speed hack. People can run as fast as cars and can shoot the machine gun for 5 minutes straight! It is totally retarded and these script kiddies need to go and suck a bottle a few more hours.
  10. Windows 2000 Pro Service Pack 4 XP is for losers who can't figure out windows.
  11. Heh, I just ran it last night with three people on the lan. Of course animations are no where near smooth and in some cases people were literally warping around the map... hard to kill them that way. Even though the latency on a LAN is non-existant, the animations are the key and makes it just as bad as MTA:GTA3 0.2...
  12. No, id Software sponsors the event in full (it is free to us) and they are going to have a booth with the latest Doom 3 multiplayer running. Let me know before Wednesday on the status of the mod.
  13. So I was wondering, and the 2,000 other people that are going to be there, if we can snag a copy of the latest build when the party starts on Thursday? or will be all have to suffer and play 0.1? Also, Doom3 multiplayer will be there... so this could steal the show. The latest features look great. The mod is coming out very nicely. Keep up the good work.
  14. Read the thread. People have problems running MTA on Windows 9x. Of course Vice City works, but try MTA.
  15. If they had the time of day set instead of random, they could infact setup the computer people to where it would be the same for everyone and not take up bandwidth. If you kill a computer person, then the server just send that signal and that character dies... easy as pie.
  16. If any of you have looked at the bandwidth numbers, it only takes about 1 or 2k/sec upload and about 10k/sec download speed for 10 players! That is incredibly well and is totally playable for even the slowest DSL/cable users. None of this needs to be done, just fix the animations. The netcode is decent and playable for now.
  17. If you compiled the program only in Unicode, or perhaps used the TCP stack code from the 2000 or XP then that might be the problem.
  18. Or it could be that server is bandwidth limited. Try other servers. You do have broadband internet right?
  19. Managed to finally play the game over LAN and you *do* have the latency issues solved. Each time me or my buddy moves it appears instantly on the other screen! It is 100x more playable than MTA-GTA3. I can't wait for the future releases where you fix the animations as that is all that is really needed to be fixed. Played it for about an hour and it never crashed. I suspect the reason why people are crashing, like myself, on other servers is ONLY through the use of Trainers. Cheaters, get a life.
  20. Uh... my no CD patch works just fine.
  21. Ban the guy for a week so he stops this useless spam. Then maybe after he has *read* the forum after he is unbanned he will start making constructive posts.
  22. Don't come in demanding for things. They take time to test and implement. 1) No. 2) As the team member said, they are working on it. This issues come up all the time. Please use the search on this forum to look FIRST! One thing though they need to support name recognition above people's heads or something like battlefield 1942 when your cursor goes over their body their name appears.
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