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  1. Hmm. Did exactly what you described, Ransom, but couldn't click or select the 'Xtreme Pro-Laps' object. These things are possibly allready in standard SA map. Were the object ID's given to the objects by MTA devellopers? Or do they have an ID assigned by Rockstar?
  2. Is there a way to figure out what object ID this object has? Maybe someone of the MTA Team can awser that. Thanks
  3. Is it possible to place objects, by Object ID, eventhough they are not listed? Like say this sign... Or are only listed objects placeble?
  4. Hope I translated it correctly... I looked at objects > Beach and sea but the buoy is nowhere to be found in its subcatogories, among other places I had a look Where is it? (Object ID) Thanks
  5. I've made a picture presenting the laughs and fun we have in our crew. I simply made this pic pasting & resizing screenshots using Paint, wich everybody should have on his PC! Now isn't that nice ?? Post your pictures here too if you get at it! I'dd like to see some simular pics from other gangs/crews If you like to join ViceCityStuntcrew look here:
  6. Maybe. But it's a different Maverick, NiX
  7. I never liked the spawnpoint for the gold Maverick on the grass in Vice Point. Though I like there WAS actually a Maverick there, Team! Anyway, I suggested this spawnpoint: Please post more Spawnpointsuggestion. Peace!
  8. In request off Arnoke5, I put my Desktop off the Day on here 2
  9. We actually thought out the idea Bcause we always play on private servers! (#VCStuntcrew) So can other crews play the idea. Join a crew could be a nice solution. It can even ease public_pains! & defenatly be more FUN: If you like to join us, it is easy: you just need mirc:
  10. We first named the mission as shown on the Vice City map. But because the second word off the title appeared ":O", We decided to name the mission "Faggio Fool instead! Here are the pictures: FaggioFoolMap: FaggioFoolSetupExample: Have Fun!
  11. Thanks Iggy248! I just didn't get why so many couldn't get connected etc.. It's easy right? right! Join us on mIRC: #VCstuntcrew !all_day_stunting! PS: dynamic IP
  12. Do you actually just wanna Stunt? And have FUN?! Then join 'The Vice City Stuntcrew' How? By joining our channel (#VCstuntcrew) on mIRC. We would like to see more (experienced) VC gamers/stunters participating! Some off our members often run a PRIVATE (password) servers where only stunting occures. (To avoid public people who "connect to kill"!) #VCstuntcrew is a layed back channel/crew!!! So try calling people's names on the channel whilest being patient on getting a response. By typing "!help" on the channel, you can get some info on how to be able to find some private Stuntcrew_servers online. (this only works when Thar is connected) You can get banned as easely as you can join & we never allow killing eachother unless asked for! We just always wanna have fun !! If you really don't have a clue on getting mIRC and/or how to join the channel: check this link: If you'r just intrested in seeing what we do, check one of many Vids members made (you'll need Quicktime to play it): check this link: More Vids & Replays: We are hoping & looking forward on meeting you, doing some insane stunts together. In the End you'll never leave the crew. Keep in mind that even more fun and gameplay is garranteed on MTAVC's next Release ! FUN MATES! cya then.
  13. That's just lag, glassowater87!
  14. Since I've read a problem with the chat using azerty keyboard on this Topic, I just post a question I got my own on the chat right here! I can't seem to type numbers into the chat system, while others perfectly can. Instead of typing [1234567890], I get these symbols [&é"'(§è!çà] displayed. So I always fully have to type them down. I'm allready convinced this problem will get looked at/solved! PS: I'm not the only one who has got this annoying disfunction. I'm as lucky as anybody else, all latest GTA games got patches Dutch 4 !3V4!
  15. I received an é-mail response from Roderick Maher, the Author off fraps2.0. I though i'll PM it here for others: (np) ------------------------------- Some users have noticed that on certain motherboards the SSE flag is not being detected when using an Athlon XP, even though all Athlon XP processors we have produced to date support SSE. AMD responds with the following: - Our website has supported motherboards. - These motherboards have BIOSes that enable SSE on AthlonXP. - The end user should upgrade their BIOS if they have these motherboards. - If BIOS upgrade doesn't work for a listed MB, contact AMD ( and the MB vendor. - If the MB is not on our list of recommended MB and does not properly enable SSE on Athlon XP, call the MB vendor to find out why not. -------------------------------