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  1. MTA: SA Community Meets Plug.dj[/size] I had this idea a few days ago and tried it out with my community (ffs). It worked pretty good and that's why I want to expand it. What is Plug.dj? So basically plug.dj is like a playlist created by people you know or people out of the MTA community Everyone is able to choose a song and play it. Besides this function there is a point system,you get points for liking or disliking songs. While you are the DJ you get points for each like (Woot!) you get, if the song isn't liked it gets dislikes (Meh!) if it has too many dislikes the song gets skipped
  2. Hello guys! Well today I show you something special, something awesome imo. This map should have been finished by me and pein but as we had no time sapphire finished it alone. How to contact us? Its simple just add us in skype or pm us in youtube! DeAdAnGeL: Skype: ichbinsjigsaw Andy: Skype: andy_andrey98 Sonix: Skype: thesonixproductions VisualJoyMedia reserves the right to choose it's clients !
  3. [DM]DeAdAnGeL feat. JosH.exe feat. TobseN feat. Zeta - Disco Pogo 2
  4. A good sick or a bad sick?
  5. Update* Well thats my new oldschool map hope you like it.
  6. Hello community i just like to show you my latest maps(+feat). I spend lot of time to make it , and ye im happy when i read good comments from other players and bad comments help me to make it better! PS: I dont share it (the video starts at O:45 if you wanna skip the intro because its quiet long then do it) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjS2lTRO ... er&list=UL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5G87-pX ... er&list=UL (Map starts at O:25) (Map starts at O:25) (Map starts at O:25) xUpdatex
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