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    Server list spam

    Towncivilian told me to post my issue here: Someone faked the name of the vio-reallife server with an incorrect version number: They steel passwords from the users and login with them on their real accounts. I hope you can do something against it. IP of the faked server:
  2. function startamap ( map ) if ( _G["Mapstate"] == "script started" ) then local res = getAll ( map, 'spawnpoint' ) if #getElementsByType( "player" ) <= #res then for i, point in pairs ( res ) do cars[i] = createVehicle ( point.model, point.px, point.py, point.pz, point.rx, point.ry, point.rz ) warpPedIntoVehicle ( getPlayerFromName( "Trevit" ), cars[i] ) -- there is only 1 car i've created end end end e
  3. Hi, Whenever I use this function, there are a "Network Trouble". I hope you can help me.
  4. Trevit

    read from .map

    it returns 2 spawnpoints but there is only 1
  5. Hi, I have a little scripting problem: I have the following line in my map file: Now i want to read the line ( from an other resource ) in the script. Spawnpoints = {} Spawnpoints = -- read all spawnpoints How can i manage it?
  6. Thanks for the link. I have another little problem at the moment: Always when a player enters a vehicle, he starts the engine. I tried to solve it with "onPlayerVehicleEnter" and "onVehicleEnter", but if i use that, he tries to start the engine, but the process gets interrupted. I want that he doesn't try it. Do you know any way for that?
  7. THANK YOU! Now i want to draw the players name over his head. Wich function is right for that?
  8. But if I create them clientside, only the player see them. I want that every player can see the bar, expect the player himself.
  9. Hi, If you look at any Player ingame, you see his name and health. I want to change the position of the player's name to his head and I want to make a seperate bar for his armor. How can i do this?
  10. Trevit

    Loop for Cars

    Now it just says bad argument and infinite running script.
  11. Trevit

    Loop for Cars

    Error: attempt to index field 'i' (a nil value)
  12. Trevit

    Loop for Cars

    Hi, I want to load the carinformation from the mysql-table, but there is something wrong with "createVehicle". I hope you can help me. function carspawn ( ) handler = mysql_connect("localhost", "table", "pass", "user") cars = mysql_query(handler, "SELECT * FROM vehicles" ) pCars = mysql_fetch_row( cars ) for i, cars in pairs (pCars) do createVehicle( cars[i].model, cars[i].posx, cars[i].posy, cars[i].posz ) end if (not cars) then outputDebugString("Error executing the query: (" .. mysql_errno(handler) .. ") " .. mysql_error(han
  13. /root/multitheftauto_linux-1.0.4-rc-2106/mods/deathmatch/resources/RL(/users)
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