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  1. Arran

    Pull Request Testing

    I can't remember so I tested again, I copied my MTA installation, put the build files to over write, had to give users edit access to folder, server and client worked fine. Used the custom animation build this time.
  2. Arran

    [Vps issues ] ddos problems

    Sounds like you need a better VPS provider. OVH GAME dedicated servers are almost completely immune to DDOS but I guess if you have a VPS that's out of your budget.
  3. Arran

    Pull Request Testing

    Ahh, I've tried one and my client crashes when joining the local server, gonna try another, 79 MB from takes 5 minutes. (Was trying "Add setElementCollidableWithType #181") Also I just realised there isn't actually a 1.6 section on so does that mean master is 1.5.5? As someone whose been testing next release version since 1.0 it doesn't seem right that there is no 1.6 because... well all the major additions that MTA has had in the past, needed it so we could test them and for when there's non backward compatible changes. Second attempt I'm now getting "Multi Theft Auto has not been installed properly, please reinstall." (Was trying "Added dynamic ped ID allocating(based on lopezloo pull request) #151")
  4. Arran

    Pull Request Testing

    You're talking about right? If so then I guess that is for developers only because I don't see what you describe.
  5. Arran

    Pull Request Testing

    I've been checking MTA commits multiple times a day for about 8 years, you know I updated wiki and mantis regarding those merged pull requests? If you're planning on merging more that's great, just tell me what I can do to help, such as if there was a way for me to test the pull requests.
  6. Some pull requests are over a year old, there's 23 pending, and a lot of them have this tag: "pr:needs-testing" I would be happy to test these if there was a way to test them without having to go to all the effort of compiling my own build. Correct me if I'm wrong but 'master' is 1.6 and therefore basically all pull requests could be merged to master right now (or make a branch where all pull requests are merged to) and then we'd be able to test it all with the 1.6 nightly and then the whole community would have the ability to test all pull requests, then we can confirm whether or not the pull requests work. 1.6 is a long way off so there'd be plenty of time for any bugs to get discovered and if we're given a few weeks notice before a 1.6 release we can do general testing to see if any random bugs have popped up. A lot more pull requests might actually get made if they got merged, back when I made some source pathces, it was demotivating to see my patches get ignored, then I just lost interest. The people with pending pull requests from months ago are probably feeling the same thing. To be honest, all the pull requests combined could actually be good enough for a new release especially when there's "Added dynamic ped ID allocating" and if there was dynamic object ID allocating I'd be begging for 1.6 to get released. All you guys gotta do is check their code to make sure it looks legit, then I can do all the ingame testing.
  7. Last week MTA had 392,000 unique players, 2 months ago it was 327,000. This is a 19% increase in players in just 2 months. Does anyone have any idea as to what could have caused this SIXTY FIVE THOUSAND person increase in people playing MTA?!?!?!
  8. Arran

    [2017] A Year in Recap and Season Greetings

    Isn't that character customization video just some modified CJ skin color and hair to make us think it's something special? We've had hundreds of new CJ clothes for years, thanks to per entity shaders.
  9. Arran

    GTA 4

    GTA 4? You've got to be joking. Why the hell would anyone waste their time making something for crappy GTA 4 that nobody plays any more when GTA 5 has been out for years... There already is a multiplayer mod for GTA 4 and I just checked how many people are playing it right now... 5 people.
  10. Arran

    List of predefined variables.

    You're missing 'arg'. 'arg' is a predefined Lua variable in functions which use '...' as an argument. Example: crun function a(...) outputChatBox(tostring(arg.n)) end a(10, 20, 30) -- "3" (arg.n returns 3 because there were 3 arguments in ...) crun function a(...) outputChatBox(tostring(arg[2])) end a(10, 20, 30) -- "20" (arg[2] returns 20 because the second argument in ... is 20.)
  11. Awesome. It just needs a main page for these different files. Then someone with access to edit MTA wiki home page can add a link to it.
  12. Is it just existing MTA internal functions that you want documenting? I thought that visual studio already has features which show you function lists and their parameters. The main thing that stopped me being able to contribute more was when it comes to doing something new, I wouldn't have the slightest clue where to start so for me the most useful documentation would be explaining how to do new things which I guess involves memory hacks. Like you said, this is something that is done over the long term so there's no reason why you can't get the ball rolling by getting a list of all functions and there parameters and starting some wiki pages with this basic information and then include stuff like "Please can a developer who understands this explain this" and then eventually some information might get added to it.
  13. MTA is open source... What is stopping YOU from documenting this stuff? Here's some documentation: And guess who wrote that page? I did. Am I an MTA developer? No. I have managed to make documentation and contribute actual working source patches yet the C++ knowledge that I have could be learned within 1 day so what is your excuse for not looking at the source code and documenting it? Because you didn't make that source code? And you really think whoever wrote that is even around now to document it or anyone can even remember what exactly was written by who when some of this source is 10 years old?
  14. As I post this there are 17 open pull requests. MTA developers shouldn't waste time documenting stuff when there's open pull requests made by people who didn't need any documentation that need adding. Even I managed to make a pull request and have made some other contributions in the past and I did that with existing documentation and with only very basic C++ knowledge, a lot can be done by just looking at, copying, modifying existing code. I Just realised my pull request has been ignored for 5 months even though developers already gave me tips to improve it and I did all the improvements, the code is flawless but un-added it's really demotivating, I'd probably have contributed more if my source patches had have been added sooner and perhaps other potential contributors are getting put off too because why would you spend time making a second patch when your first one might never even get added?
  15. Arran

    Extra obfuscation to meta.xml

    I use and get script name and lines when a client has a debug message. I guess it depends what settings you have set here: I don't think there's any need for this suggestion because if you use a batch file all you have to do is drag and drop the .lua into the .bat and within seconds your .luac is updated.