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  1. Copying the audio files on CD2 over to the audio folder in GTA3 and selectively using the false audio files file from gamecopyworld I was able to rid my GTA3 of all those nasty ass radio stations (man are they annoying) and yet keep all the in game sounds. I love being able to use my own mp3s in game, wish more developers would implement this.
  2. Wizard's on megagames worked fine with 1.1 for me
  3. Man Trix was THE worst breakfast cereal ever. Yuck! I prefer lucky charms with chocolate milk.
  4. Well thats easy to fix Cheez. Simply beat him with a baseball bat till he tells you. I prefer the ones with barbed wire wrapped around them but thats up to you.
  5. Well Mark I'd love to use Win2K on this machine but the Highpoint Tech. HPT 66 IDE controller on my Abit BE6-II mobo and Win2K don't play well together. I expect to upgrade sometime this summer but you can be damn sure I won't upgrade just to play this mod.
  6. Well the 126 error seems to effect only Win98. hope they finger it out real soon
  7. hehehe. AAA that is something that will have to be done within the MTA.exe by the MTA team. Guess we'll just have to wait and see if they fix itr not
  8. I've got a great suggestion . Make it compatible with Win98.
  9. Yeah you and everyone else running Win98. I can't believe it wasn't even tested on a Win98 machine at least once before release.
  10. Was this new GUI ever beta'd on a Win98SE machine? Two of the people I play online with can get into servers and play and they are running Win2K and XP, no errors and no problems with lag. I can't even get the damn thing to start without this damn runtime 126 error. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!! Damn this is frustrating! I waited patiently for what seemed like eons for this release and it won't even work with 98. [Rant Off] phew. I needed that. hehehehehe. Damn thats a lot of damns for one post
  11. Well don't bother with the VBRUN 6 download it doesn't fix the problem Sorry. let me clarify that. It may fix other runtime errors but not the 126 error on Win98SE machines
  12. Doesn't work for the Win98SE "RunTime Error #126" problem
  13. Whats this error guys? No description when it happens, just says Run Time Error 126. Can't get it to join a server at all. Whats up?
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