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  1. Thank you for your help, its was really helpful. But, It looks that making this limit is harder than I thought. Thank you anyway
  2. Hi everybody, I managed to edit my ped spawning script to set a per-player (+server) zombie limit. Global limit is set to 200 (ie), each player can spawn 15 peds which will follow them. If the player kill one of them, the a new ped can spawn as the count is under the limit. So, to do that i've tried the following : local variable follow When the ped-spawn is called on my script, it add +1 on a "setElementData" attached to player name. And so, if he kill one, this "setElementData" got -1 as value (actual -1) In the paper, this way to do looks really perfect But in fact, not really. Th
  3. Je ne m'attendais plus à avoir de réponse ! Enfaite le problème était le même sur un autre serveur, on à changer d'hébergeur pensant que le problème venait du système de virtualisation (XEN) qui limitait les ressources, mais enfaite, tout est pareil. On à atteint 26 joueurs sans crash, alors que avec 5-10 joueurs, le serveur à crash... Merci pour ta réponse
  4. Hey, I know last post was very old but, does anybody know if this script is working ? For now, theres nothing like this...
  5. Hey everybody, happy new year I don't know if somebody has already told this bug, but : [2010-12-18 09:28:20] ERROR: zombies/zombie_server.lua:141: attempt to perform arithmetic on global 'x' (a boolean value) This appear many times.
  6. :o :o That was just beacause I used "player" ? You're really awesome guys, it works
  7. Wow, thats harder than i thought ... I've made something wrong but ... what. The cars are spawned but the older isn't destroyed. local playerData = {} function getPlayerVehicle (player) if playerData[player] then return playerData[player].vehicle -- maybe you can just return this, but dunno if it triggers error else return nil end end function createPlayerData (player) if playerData[player] then return end playerData[player] = {} end function destroyVehicle (player) if playerData[player] then if playerData
  8. Thanks. So, could this one work : addCommandHandler ("destroy", function(thePlayer,command) local vehicles = getElementsByType("vehicle") for i,v in ipairs (vehicles) do destroyElement(v) end end end) ?
  9. Thanks for your help About the function who will destroy the car : destroyElement(vehicle) How can I retrieve the vehicle to destroy ? If I use "getElementData ( source, "veh" )", what should I store in "veh" key and what should I use with destroyElmnt ? Thanks
  10. Hey everybody, I've got a zombie MTA server running with Shop script (http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p= ... ils&id=720), this script allow players to buy cars/weapons/skills. With ~80-100 players per day, if they all use this script and buy a car, it will be a very big mess ... So, I need your help about destroyElement. I would like to remove the cars who players bought when they die/leave the serv/buy another one. But I don't find how to choose a car created with this script... Thanks a lot
  11. Bonsoir bonsoir, J'inaugure le forum des Français avec ... un problème ! Je possède un serveur privé sous Débian lenny, 512 Mo de RAM, 100 GO de disque, et une certaine partie d'un processeur... Un très gros problème se renouvelle de façon aléatoire : le serveur s'éteint (le serveur mta). Rien de précisé dans les logs du serveur MTA ou de Débian. La RAM n'est pas en sur-utilisation ni le processeur ... J'en appel donc à la communauté afin de m'aider au plus possible sur ce problème Merci et joyeuses fêtes
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