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  1. Ready friend, i could spawn the bot but he always kill me, how can i do that the bot be from my team ?
  2. Thanks you Chronic, I don't want disturb more, but can you tell me where i have to put it ?
  3. I have this resource: http://community.multitheftauto.com/ind ... ils&id=672 (SlothBot) and I want to create a bot with these characteristics: X: 2492.5251464844 Y: -1671.7332763672 Z: 13.335947036743 Rotation: 0 SkinID: 164 Interior: 0 Dimension: 0 Team: nil Weapon: 31 Mode: Hunting Themodesubject: nil The problem is that I don't know how create this bot. Can you make this and tell me how you did it ? Please.
  4. you say that because they know it's HeadShot go to the server: Call of Duty by Bmat there is respawn instantly with HeadShot
  5. MTA has the ability to have a resource "HeadShot" very good. that there are few servers with "headshot"? and there are only 2 good servers. "Call of Duty by Bmat" and "Mini Missions" HeadShot anyone know another server? It would be good to have more servers Headshot , as Basemode where more than 26 servers
  6. I need a skin for my server BaseMode. I need a skin of war or soldier Please help me, I want improve my server.
  7. I have a server BaseMode and I want players to leave the server, you will automatically save the kills and Deaths.
  8. I want 1 column, read: MYP-Points and every time a player kills another, add 100 points to the player.
  9. I have a server and want BaseMode Scoreboard aparesca in a column that says: MYP-Points and every time someone kills another player, will add 200 points to reach 1000, in another column aparesca as being PRO.
  10. I have a BaseMode and I would like to die a player, then respawn. Not that way I can do, please help
  11. I want to make a gamemode, but when I open the server no accepts the gamemode. When you open the server says: ERROR: Could't parse meta file for resource "cod2mod". The meta.xml is as follows: <meta> <info author="Matias" type="gamemode" name="Cod2Mod" version="1.0.0" <script src="admins_c.lua" /> <script src="callfunction_c.lua" /> <script src="cod_client.lua" /> <script src="functions.lua" /> <script src="init_c.lua" /> <script src="weapon_c.lua" /> <script src="sol
  12. MatiasRuff

    help MTA Server

    I have a panel of the MTA Server, as I can chat from the console without being in the game?
  13. I have a shop, not how to do that by pressing F6, there will be and pressing it again closes. please
  14. would like a script in which to kill a player add $ 200
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