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  1. http://community.multitheftauto.com/ind ... ls&id=7026 Stolen & uploaded without the permission form the /TfF\ Clan. Please delete it DONE
  2. Berni


    Sorry for 'bump the topic' but i still need someone who can make it for me. im lazy to learn it and i aint no time for it .
  3. Berni


    Add me to skype Neuenegger Edit: i still need a scripter
  4. Berni


    oo i shows nice, but this is a little bit to much. i search a pointsystem, i mean: You can win 1 poit for win 1 map. not more & to see your rank at every DD map. like a toptime for dd, just who have the most Wins.
  5. Berni


    I need a Scripter, who can make for me some scripts. I'll pay him out I need: - a simple Pointsystem for a Destrucion Derby ( race mod ) Server - and a Rankwindow, to thee who have the most win's on the map who's interresed should pm me
  6. Berni

    Internet lag!

    wait i'll record him. And load the video up.
  7. ahh... then it wasnt one form my Team. My members are only on DD-Race servers like FoX or GoD. They didn't play Minigames I know, that it is 100% a fake form us. Or it exist a 2nd clan with the p0rn|-tag.
  8. can you say me please his nick ? . and in wich server?
  9. Dear Community. We had a cw vs them. They provoked our player "Forsaken". Forsaken was angry because them & he maked shit At the war. He insult others and muted 2 Personen from SHC. He learned his from work. We removed his moderator rights. I unmuted these 2 SHC guys after the round. Later we gave SHC 2 Rounds & Sniper didnt stop with bleat. And he makes me angry & I muted him because he bleated. And this thing about the "frezze" is stupid argument. I'll post the serverlog. later.
  10. so. we have before 2 days a cw with them. The score was 17-3 for us. and they ask if we want to make a revenge. We acceptet it. In the cw was a mistake, we gave them 2 points... and then they bleated... and makes me angry. Then i muted Sniper and they left. sry guys but its your fault. you provoked my players & them muted you..
  11. lol. guys we had reasons. YOU pissed Forsaken off. and he muted you then/ and guys i cant understand why you leave the cw earlier. the score was 11-3 then you leaved.... we played the cw till the end and now the endscore is 17-3 for p0rn and... you showed only the bad things from us nice
  12. sniper you copied the eXo Userpanel too iths the same
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