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  1. considering your doing away with using the scm. will this mean there will be more than 80 vehicles
  2. well it was news for ppl who did want to rent server :P
  3. hehe there cheaper too if there private and nt public
  4. aye but still amazing price be good for people on the west coast
  5. try pinging this ip for an idea fo your ping Oh and there website aint finished yet. so if you want to contact the guy on msn instead beginningoftheend@hotmail.com or on IRC Quakenet : #genesis-hosting (gtg out now so l8rs)
  6. yes there for hire yea there trustworthy i know the manager
  7. A company called genesis-hosting have started rentign MTA servers. the prices are cheap is one word unbelievable is another. 16 man - $25 a month 26 man - $40 a month servers on 100mbit network on a 1gb backbone i thought it was cheap ^^ so id thought id tell u all hehe
  8. it will be gta4 gta3 series = gta3 vice city san adreas
  9. GTA4 will be out on the ps3 which is coming out 2005 hopefully work it out -Godson-
  10. thanks for that hehe odd pic huh
  11. i know candy suxx is a b*tch but lol
  12. i have the same proble m with this even after i downlaoded the win98 patch...
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