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  1. I'm pretty sure he got banned
  2. Okay, I was able to get into a mta game, and to the part where everyone is on the roof still. What I did was alt-tab hit disconnect reconnect and try to go back to the game, then i got the BSOD!!![/size] Anyways, I was supposed to hit esc, then alt tab, disconnect reconnect, and send game request. Is the BSOD from not hitting the send request, or from not hitting esc ingame first, because now I'm getting BSOD all the time, just from opening the gta3.exe =\. What should I do?
  3. bump because this post is awesome, even though I got the BSOD when I tried the disconnect reconnect thing, about to try it again.
  4. a shame people like him make the mta team think less of their devoted community =\
  5. I connect to the server, and then I'm supposed to open gta3.exe right? and start a new game and it will connect? Well...it didn't connect, it just started a new game...
  6. My friend had an error loading the manual, don't ask me what but some other people might just not be able to read it...
  7. Well surely you could pass it on to him right?
  8. Sorry but I'm not going to spend a crap load of money to upgrade my OS when these guys only have to change a little bit of their code to fix it. Thats just silly, and I personally still like windows 98, and by how many people have responded to this we are obviously a good percentage of the community, they'd be losing a fair amount of player support by NOT fixing the windows 98 bug.
  9. It *would* be nice to see some kind of acknowledgement, btw my friend is a dumbass, he didn't have it fixed.
  10. If I had a bat, and lived in canada, then I would. But the best thing I can do right now is warn him, if you all think you can get the info out of him his AIM name is xRamzaxBeoulvex . Don't mention Cheez sent you otherwise he probably will just warn/block you.
  11. Okay my friend on win98 was getting error earlier, then he comes online later and my other friend was saying he was playing. Unfortunately he's being a big little whore and won't tell me how to fix it.
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