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  2. You could change your numbers to strings and then use string.format, Reffer to chapter 20 of Programming in lua by Roberto Ierusalimschy. Obviously there are less crude ways to do this, but I couldn't be bothered to find them because LUA restricts you to using the "number" type rather than giving you the conventional choice of ints/floats/doubles and so on.
  3. wasd

    X - Y - Z

    i saw but the example can't help me... If your going to script things sooner or later your going to have to learn the fundamental concepts of programming. Learn the concepts and then you will be able to teach yourself, until then I guess you will just have to get people to write code for you, as it seems you are trying to get people to do here. You asked a question so I gave you an answer, if you don't know how to implement that answer, then tough luck.
  4. wasd

    X - Y - Z

    You could do this a bit simpler with this function http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/GetElementRotation
  5. wasd

    Server memory usage stats

    Thanks for the info. Yesterday I was experimenting with running a server on ovh's cloud, with 256mb ram and various resources including mabako's paradise, it all went very well even after spawning some 500 vehicles that all had entries in a mysql database. I'm thinking cloud computing is a good solution for hosting an MTA server, especially as its costing only £0.01 for each hour, and I can turn off the server and not have to pay for hours where the server would not be online.
  6. Hi, does anyone have some stats for server memory usage with different numbers of players and elements? It would be much appreciated.
  7. I've never heard of SA:RP, unless you mean the original SA:RP, which I highly doubt.(The original SA:RP was the first RP server for SA:MP, some members from WSX including myself broke off in early 2006 and formed our own server, we later recruited Hubert aka fear and made the Godfather server, that was allot of fun to be part of when it happened, but looking back, our standards of RP where very low, but we didn't give a shit, having 30,000 accounts and Sam Houser referring to the concepts of our server as "a very compelling proposition" was enough) You could have if a role-play server witho
  8. I've just switched from N++ to this and it is great, big thanks for making this.
  9. Role-play, not real-life. In the traditional sense of the word, role-play doesn't need to have anything to do with real-life or realism, if I wanted to I could role-play an ork in middle-earth, but GTA RP is a bit different because most people don't actually understand the concepts of RP and settle for a-little-bit-crap RP where nobody has any creativity.
  10. Would you be interested in a good role-play server? I'm asking this because the experience on the only major MTA RP server leaves allot to be desired. I'm thinking up plans for a server as I write this, the actual script isn't an issue, I could turn paradise-rp into something I could use in a few hours. Anyway, here is how this server would be different to Valhalla: 1) Character progression would not be measured almost entirely by wealth as it is on Valhalla, and your character is resricted by not having any money, so your only option is to RP a poor guy with no car. There would be some so
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