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  1. you never make perfect map from some video, i think. I am scripter but i think.
  2. mhm that gangsta rpg is lie, you making only posts with what it have 0 released scripts.
  3. When in 1.1 maybe custom models available then we can use it.
  4. Hm?, example: Kratos, Diego, Lee, Some knight, mage, cor angar, gorn, lestern, rhobar II, saturas Gothic: http://www.giantbomb.com/gothic-3/61-7753/characters/ All characters in gta from here.
  5. Textures has been changed only in LV?
  6. You are good mapper man , good luck with new maps and for it 10/10.
  7. You can change only restaurant textures for it and add some objects ;o, you cant making own cool interior.
  8. I have some scripts for that: - exp when kill bot, new quest when you lvl up. - rank beside nick when lvl 100 reached. - 100 custom models from games: god of war, gothic, final fantasy, mound & blade - 100 special textures for climate - Future vehicles, with horses - Mana, MP system, with runes then you can use spell. ( fire ball etc.) - New sword anims Is all.
  9. Too good, but people likes only DM, RP, or something ;p.
  10. Weird, you only run in that video and plant mines .
  11. This is good but it cant find all errors. So for me, syntax in game is better.
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