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  1. awb

    Chaos District RPG

    servers ip has been updated, we also have a website too. please show your support by signing up!!! thanks http://chaosdistrict.webs.com
  2. awb

    Chaos District RPG

    progress has been slow, but its been comming. ive notice a huge spike in hits on the server witch is great news if your me
  3. just cant seem to figgure it out. i tryed looking on mta wiki, that didnt work. can anyone explain how to make certain guis be on top and some always on bottom? like for ex my custom hud covers the f11 map and id like to set it so when i use the map its in the background. thanks
  4. awb

    custom blip help

    ok so ive been attempting to understand the custom blip resource but ive gotten no where. im under the assumption its the resource and not me becuase ive tryed to load the examples that the mta wiki provided. idk why but the gui custom blip works but when i attempt to use the blips using .pngs i cant seem to get the blip to show up. i tryed everything and even named my icon, icon.png addEventHandler ( "onClientResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), function() exports.customblips:createCustomBlip ( 0,0, 20, 20, "icon.png" ) end ) i have a meta to a
  5. i think that cleared it up, kinda like ur motivational picture
  6. sometimes i feel like im retarded. im looking on mtawiki atm. so i remove the sheight/width and im going to replace it with??? one i find the right command ill be in business
  7. sorry can u provide me with an example? i understand what your saying but im very in the dark with lua. should i replace sheight with something else?
  8. much appricated my soviet friend:)
  9. humm well i deff dont see any blur on my side...... maybe u should put ur glasses on lol. dxDrawImage(sWidth-177,sHeight-701,lineLength1,12.0,"healthbar.png",0.0,0.0,0.0,tocolor(255,255,255,200),true) -- Health Bar - Image if money == "0" then dxDrawText(tostring (money),sWidth-156,sHeight-798,sWidth-149,sHeight-57,tocolor(0,0,0,200),1.7,"arial","left","top",false,false,true) -- Money DX text (shadow) dxDrawText(tostring (money),sWidth-154,sHeight-800,sWidth-150,sHeight-57,tocolor(255,255,255,200),1.7,"arial","left","top",false,false,true) -- Money DX text else
  10. awb

    Chaos District RPG

    i probably should add some extra contact info, aol/email unneglected@aol.com aim gvy msn doofmeatwadd@hotmail.com
  11. so me and my scripter forged a new hud using the alternative hud resources. it looks great thanks to me but ive noticed that resolution plays into the positioning of the hud. here are some screen shots of the hud this photo is of the hud on my laptop using 1280x800x32 resolution. my friends hp touchsmart also runs a similar res and see the hud fully, but on the otherhand this pc im on and my scripter both had issues and the hud is cut off on the top. any ideas? my idea was to allow custom postioning of the hud like some speedometers do. a simplier solution would be nice though seeing as i
  12. awb

    Chaos District RPG

    server ip port: 22003 MSN: Doofmeatwadd@hotmail.com Server name: Cops and Robbers: Chaos District RPG Website: http://chaosdistrict.webs.com i edited my post to provide a more accurate preview into our server. i need a loyal player base to help launch and test my server. here are some screenshot of some stuff. thanks for looking.
  13. awb

    MTA user Feed Back Page

    well im a member of many forum boards, most of them have a feedback section witch this site dosnt have. i feel like for the safety of the community a feedback section or atleast topic should be create and here i go. so far i only have one to list Solidsnake14 - hes my current scriptor, hes on the younger side but very intelligent young man. although like many ppl on the boards hes not american but speaks perfect English and very respectful when i talk to him. i highly recommended him to anyone who needs some work done if hes available. i like knowing who and who not to trust, anyone else w
  14. awb

    MTA for GTA IV

    gta4 is the worst gta made, graphics and physics are the only advantage of the new engine witch could be semi-solved in SA with cleo scripts. otherwise driving, walking, shooting BLOW! and they took away all of the good vechiles like hydras, bmx bikes, and ect. i believe a good game shouldnt take away but add new in ontop of wats already there. just my .02
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