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  1. As most of you know, This is a gamemode that me and a few others created. I am the original owner of it.. It IS a Valhalla beta Saphire edit. It works for MTA 1.0.5 (So it will need work to work with the latest version) I know its getting passed around, and probably not as bad as it WAS but, i figured it would only be right to release it. Here you go: [removed]
  2. Matthew_Ello

    Big Lag spikes

    Maybe you need a better computer
  3. Thank you! Ill fix it Edit: Fixed
  4. Hello! If you know what your doing, you would benefit from a VPS Server.. (If you can afford it) A company 1and1 offers Windows VPS Boxes, for around 30$ a month and up depending on the specs you take. I have a referral link if you want to check it out its http://www.hosting.matthewserta.com/ If you know your way around Linux, there are companies that offer boxes from 5$ a month such as Volume Drive. If money is the issue, and you DONT know how to use Linux, You may want to look in to gameserver hosts. But with a VPS you will be able to host more than JUST the game server.
  5. Sorry Blazy, Your likely like me and just want to help people out. No one trusts anyone anymore, and theyll look for any reason to bash you here. Im guessing this isnt the best site to be on. Good luck!
  6. Translation: Let me host your stuff, so i can get free scripts Lolol 4 GHZ CPU with 8 Cores
  7. To be honest, Ive tried a few, and i couldnt find any that i liked until i went fully Dedicated Server... If you have the money for it, Get a Dedicated.. (VPS and Dedicated Hosting: http://www.hosting.matthewserta.com/) Unless you want to give mine a try... 15$ a month, 1024 slots, And its on my Quad Core dedicated, so you should see no lag http://www.vedicgagming.net/hosting
  8. Hello, I wanted to let everyone know of a good VPS Hosting solution.. With a VPS you can host anything you desire, Domains, MTA Servers, and many servers at once.. These servers start at $30 per month, and have starting at 1GB of ram for windows, or up to 2GB Burstable on Linux. Visit http://www.hosting.matthewserta.com/ for more details on these servers, as well as Web hosting packages, and Domains. This is brought to you by a trusted company 1and1, Who i am an authorized reseller of.
  9. That is true, you MAY be able to get a new domain for cheap.. But you'll never get mtaroleplay.com nor mta-roleplay.com its because their unique is why they are high. I am also open to offers.. But keep in mind that i paid 10USD per domain for these. 30 for both is actually a good deal.. And i didn't buy them just to resell.. I had plans to use them, but i lost interest.
  10. Its cool. They said that my license was fully transferable, I checked to make sure.
  11. I have a privately owned dedicated server, that i use for private use.. I Usually do not exceed 20GB a month in usage.. I am offering to host 2 and ONLY TWO MTA Servers with your choice of slots (up for 1024 slots) for $50 per month. This is on a dedicated server with a internet line running 100Mbps Upload and Download. With purchase, you will receive FTP access, & MySQL access. I currently do not have a control panel to start and stop your server remotely, however I will be able to start and stop it manually, as needed. I will be available on Skype constantly, for your support. I have
  12. Not quite sure if this is the correct place for this.. But.. Back in the day when we did MTA, we bought a vBulletin Forum License.. They are $200.00 new. I am offering mine for sale for $140.00 with full transfer of the license to the purchaser. I prefer to accept Google Checkout, but have means to accept PayPal as well Contact me via PM, or email me at matt@vedicgaming.net Matthew Ello
  13. Looking for a domain for you server? I own mtaroleplay.com and mta-roleplay.com and am offering to sell them for 20 each, or 30 for both. Send me a private message or email to matt@vedicgaming.net for more info. I prefer Google Checkout, but have means of PayPal as well.
  14. After Further research, they actually log in with No Serial, and login as my serial.. Maybe i could change mine to no serial as well, and log in using my old username? Any suggestions please?
  15. Alright, so i had a few admins on my server, who helped me write some scripts. One of the scripts logs you in automatically by IP. well they suddenly started hating me, (Because i wouldn't give them a server for free anymore (Been three months)) So after they started attacking my server messing with scripts, I removed their admin rights. They proceeded for a week to hack my server, And make themselves admin threw the webadmin, to shut the server off. This was easily fixed by removing the webadmin resource. Now they have somehow figured out how to spoof their MTA Serial as my Serial.. Giving
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