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  1. You should make option in server.conf to allow custom skins in gta3.img. It's really hurting servers that are not DM (for example race, RP, RPG).
  2. I'm trying to make something similar to GTA V radar. Anyone knows how to make look from another perspective for render target like here?
  3. Tak. Radziłbym dać sobie spokój z RP bo to zdecydowanie przesycony rynek i brnąć w coś innego. Najlepiej popatrz na top20 popularnych serwerów i rób coś w ten deseń.
  4. http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p= ... ls&id=8740 Stolen PNGs from my server (devgaming Role Play). Proof (PSD file screenshot): http://gyazo.com/f616d40762fdfed5bbe663b580194b6e
  5. Is it posible to set ped animation from hot coffe? I heard sa-mp allows it so animation files need to be inside original SA files.
  6. Hello, anybody knows how to get LOD object ID when you know ID of normal object? It would be nice if it will be serverside, but clientside is also acceptable.
  7. I don't think it will help, but it's not a secret to not posting it. How it looks: http://i.imagebanana.com/img/9nd2gzg8/g ... 311664.png You can see on radar that I'm on 0,0,0 position (my script sets it while spectating) and player which is spectated by me is in another place. Serverside: http://pastebin.com/v68KnHqw Clientside: http://pastebin.com/GBT9mrEd
  8. Hello, few days ago I made spectator script for admins on my gaming server, but several minutes later it's buggig. What is the problem? When my script set camera on player by clientside setCameraTarget it doesn't stream game objects, only their LODs. If player wants to get this problem solved, he must restart his MTA client. It's very annoying for my crew and I don't how to repair it.
  9. H5N1

    Disabled CJ run

    Different ped models have different walking style. For example man from grove street walks differently from rich woman. You can test those walking styles in samp, but it set they as default without function for developers.
  10. H5N1

    Disabled CJ run

    But that's not the point...
  11. H5N1

    Disabled CJ run

    But it only set control, not walking style. Additionally, it's a little pain in the ass when you make bigger gamemode.
  12. H5N1

    Disabled CJ run

    How to disable CJ run for player? Is it even possibile? If yes, then how?
  13. Oh... I check state 2 by calculating distance 3D between object and player. But you dont understand, for every model distance when object is streamed in, is different! I need to check this value somehow.
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