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  1. it sounds more that he hacked your FTP or linux server or something like that...
  2. noone?? (( and MTA IRC does not working... ((( irc.multitheftauto.com/mta (((
  3. "I believe there is a -serial switch for Multi Theft Auto.exe to output your serial." thats exacly what I need... But did not work
  4. THX very much... I dont want to change serial.. just wanna READ serial... if the server can get user serial I have to be able to get it too...
  5. yes.. and for GTA SA?? that important for me.. And in anywhere stored users MTA serial???
  6. my program will be used by a lot of people... I need to know the MTA installation directoty.. it may be installed anywhere.... My program written in c# has to get the location itself.... UNDERSTAND??? ....
  7. not true at all... some people are making HW lags (problem in Race - DD) so i am monitoring cpu usage by MTA and total cpu usage ald a lot of more....
  8. omg..thx.... I am developing a small anticheat program.. IS THE PATCH STORED IN REGISTRY??? I vave messed up registry with MTA installations in varous locations so I am asking for help.... It may be installed in "c:/pornography" .... I wanna get the location from registry...
  9. Hello, are GTA SA and MTASA installation directory stored in registry? (because of various types of installation: STEAM install, DVD install, ...) where pls thx for help
  10. OMG I u did not get the idea of this app... never mind, sorry for posting this.. sorry for beeing part of MTA community...
  11. ok, so dont use it pls
  12. Hi, I have just finished my 1st release of my external server browser. It has autoupdater so as I release update you will receive it. I hope you will enjoy it (sry for my english) TODO: async data loading favourite servers fix bugs website DOWNLOAD NOTICE: you need Microsoft .NET Framework 4 http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=186913
  13. hi, in CServerList.h file (./MTA10/core) is line with #define SERVER_LIST_MASTER_URL "http://1mgg.com/affil/mta-1.0" I have studied the source code of mtasablue but with no success.. I wanna get the list of all serverrs... Is it this url http://1mgg.com/affil/mta-1.0 ?? Compressed XML or what format? thx
  14. peane

    mta server list

    // Master server list URL #define SERVER_LIST_MASTER_URL "http://1mgg.com/affil/mta-1.0" http://code.google.com/p/mtasa-blue/sou ... t.h?r=2040
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