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  1. What is component name I should use for wheel?
  2. Does not work for me as I need. I drive vehicle, let's say "in the air" I need position right under wheels.
  3. Hi. Is it possible (and if it is, how can I do that) to get Z-Asix position of ground under vehicle wheels. I need that to work with every vehicle with wheels (it should work fine with every car: monster, super gt, nrg-500 etc). I think about getting wheels height and size but I think it might not be possible. Thanks for help, Chlorek.
  4. local tabs = guiCreateTabPanel(5, 20, width-10, height-25, false, mainWindow) local tabLogin = guiCreateTab("Login", tabs) local tabRegister = guiCreateTab("Register", tabs) local nameStatic = guiCreateLabel((width-60)/2, 5, 60, 20, "Username:", false, tabLogin) local nameEdit = guiCreateEdit((width-200)/2, 25, 200, 25, "", false, tabLogin) guiEditSetMaxLength(nameEdit, 25) --guiSetProperty(nameEdit, "TextFormatting", "HorzCentred") local passwdStatic = guiCreateLabel((width-60)/2, 65, 60, 20, "Password:", false, tabLogin) local passwdEdit = guiCreateEdit((width-200)/2, 83, 200, 25, "",
  5. No, it's not a problem. Just when I used absolute my button was invisible. When I changed it to relative (0-1) my button is detected whereever I click in the tab. That's the problem.
  6. Chlorek

    Skin Problem

    -> timer pls setTimer(spawn, 5000, 1) -> skin problem Just set player skin when spawning: bool spawnPlayer ( player thePlayer, float x, float y, float z, [ int rotation = 0, int skinID = 0, int interior = 0, int dimension = 0, team theTeam = nil ] ) Also in your spawn() function there is no 'source' variable. It is in the one you have called by the event but you do not pass it to the spawn() function.
  7. Hi there. I am scripting some GUI and I found some problems with buttons in tabs. First of all I have to use relative=true when creating button (when I don't I do not see button). However when I used it I found another one problem - whereever I click in the tab the button is activated, but should only if button is clicked - really weird problem. Thanks for help!
  8. Dużo rzeczy będzie nie działało, większość skryptów zapewne poleci. Dużo funkcji jest zmienionych bądź już powoli wychodzą z użycia, Zrób jak powiedział dzek, odpal drugi serv i sprawdź jak to będzie wyglądało.
  9. Yes, it also explodes before reach target when it can not reach it before some time ;[
  10. But when I do like you said, then how I can give target for this rocket, because I want this rocket fly to some car.
  11. Well is it possible to create projectile (rocket) which never explode before rich the target?
  12. Chlorek

    What the hell

    While I am reading a lot of pages on mtasa wiki I meet so many pages with "--remove pls-- " instead of contents. And my question is why something like this appears so often? There are functions (not depracted) which are modified to this "--remove plz--" text To read articles I have to look to history. Can anybody explain me that? These changes are from user called "Dzeku Nooow"
  13. Thank you. I edited that code and it works perfectly
  14. My code: createProjectile ( getLocalPlayer(), 19, x, y, z, 10, nil, rx, ry, rz-180, 0, 0, 0, 0) Variables rx, ry and rz are a vehicle rotation then I am using them to create projectile. And here is my problem, when my car is turned north or south is it working alright but when a car is turned (even a bit) east or west it doesn't work, bcuz projectile is created in wrong destination like in mirror (instead of moving some left it is moving some right). Plz help, I am scripting that from 2 hours and no progress
  15. Chlorek


    Yea, give us more details. We don't know what you want from scripters.
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