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  1. so is the other guy. You should try searching the main site before saying that there is no gta3 support. and anyway, its a bit obvioius (to me) as the project started with 3.
  2. Yeah, an admin is there to keep peace in the server. Its not their job to great people and such, in an online action game.
  3. bordem pretty much...and the fact that allmost every other forum has one of these treads
  4. picture of me taken at 2.00 last night
  5. i think cause of that script is the reason boats why dont work,cause techicly a boat is a car on water
  6. soo your game works fine without the exe....i wanna know how to do that
  7. umm.. the gta-vc.exe is needed to play the game.. so its pretty important
  8. yeah..i pretty much owned it all to convert TXD's to BMPs you gotta use a program called Vice TXD Get it here VVVVVVVVV http://www.gtavicehq.com/download/redir ... 50e2180219
  9. Trows

    Scary Games

    i diddnt think games scared me..untill SS2 heh
  10. Netcode, Walking and Boats in that order and also BRING THE SPARROW BACK!1!!
  11. Trows

    Scary Games

    What Game do you thik is the scariest in all time..on all systems (PC, ps2 etc) I Say System Shock 2...that game is fucking scary
  12. i dont have a soundcard in my net pc atm so i cant test it http://members.optusnet.com.au/~trowsor ... 20TXDS.zip With Orange, Red Yellow Purple and Blue Tracks EDIT: I tested the map out and works
  13. i'll get to work on em straigt away.. i c ya added me 2 msn btw
  14. i could try and do the radar thing for ya and VcXs might be starting a racing team =o Edit: I have dont the Red Track sofar..havnt tested it though..i'll test in the moringing..i get some sleep.. http://members.optusnet.com.au/~trowsor ... 0Radar.zip ^^^ If you wanna test it
  15. and the point is.... the only ogood thing i can think of is this being used in RP servers
  16. is usually shown when the server isnt up
  17. Nice ideas...but then we need a money system wtf bandwith = gone if that happens =p
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