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  1. • No shortcuts (SC); • No cheating/hacking; • No spectators(we'll do a livestream of some matches); • 5 Rounds, each player chooses 2 maps, in case of draw a random will be played; • No spray(hunter fight); • No insults; • Camping won't be allowed and the referee might blow you; • You will have around 10 minutes to appear in your match, if not you will be disqualified; • Don't spam the forums, it must be used to sign up and nothing else. SIGN UP: If you are interested to sign up, post here: http://xg-clan.com/forum/topic/2965-xg- ... eat-prize/ With your MTA nick and skype account.
  2. Not sure if you want this, but this one is the best: http://convertffs.com/
  3. Mondim^^

    Server list spam

    Not us... the blue one. MTA should do something, always faking servers and faking clan tags... Getting boring... And please, answer this shit do not ignore like always..
  4. Mondim^^

    Server list spam

    New noobs called a7x.
  5. LOCK THIS TOPIC Hey all, So, today its an important date for xG-MTA as some of you might know(leaders and co leaders). So i want to share this awesome annoucement with our community. As you may know unfortunetely our old scripter called Cadu12 decided to leave us, we raise our heads and we decided to look further, we risk or well we decided to talk with one of the bests MTA scripters, we was trying some months ago but he is really hard and all of you will know why, because he is really good. He calls UAEpro, he's from United Arab Emirates and he's 19 years old. He have a clan called Gho
  6. About donations, in other games we got around 100€ per month, depend. So we are trying to get more popular and I'm sure they would like to help us with donations like they did in other xG games.
  7. Hello all, xG aka Xtreme Gamers is a multigaming community, we will do soon 2 years. We are popular and sometimes our servers are full. Our website: http://www.xg-clan.com or http://www.xg-clan.pt We are looking for a good scripter, the scripter will get 50% of donations in MTA. We already have awesome and 100% own scripts, so we now need a good scripter to fix or do a userpanel and maybe plan a multi gamemode. If you are interested send me a PM or post something here to contact you. Current screenshot from our server:
  8. Maybe the best A/D Clan (:
  9. Mondim^^

    Server list spam

    More servers: And i go to SF and STH server to remove xg tag from server name and this guys insult like a kids. Is so unfair stole players from others servers making this advertising. Thanks.
  10. Mondim^^

    Server list spam

    Other, STH. Admins do something.. -.-
  11. Looks nice Sniper/FFS. We can trust in Sniper, I know him around 1 year ago, he is very nice guy. I would buy a server if I hadn't aleady got one with sponsorship. Keep going and good luck (:
  12. Hello People, this is my first DD map with KrZ, nothing special, only my first one and I'm learning to mapping, here the screenshot: Greetings xG|Mondim^^
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