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  1. thx but that give me the ID of the weapon?.. because in the same slot i can have a UZI or a MP5 or a TEC9
  2. Hey, how i can take WEAPON id of the player has in his hands.. i need to use it in addEventHandler('onClientPlayerWeaponSwitch',jugador,function(prevSlot,currSlot) so i need a function give me the weapon id the player have in his hands
  3. Zafire

    Stats system

    yes it can be many things.. but if you want for load/save data, i recommend u.. use mysql
  4. thxx it works perfect, but the tickSound dont works, i think its because is disabled control Fire.. but its fine..
  5. How i can dissablee, the player use f11 for look the map
  6. no, i want when player have "0" ammo, gta sa dont DELETE the weapon, i want to the player have the weapon in his hand with 0 ammo.. he cant use it, but the weapon dont dissapear
  7. thxx.. but that function will give a player the weapon to the player with 0 ammo?..
  8. mm good u use xml !.. i can use mysql too i think for save load data thx.. i will work on it.. i think mysql its better because you can manage mysql with the server and a web page with php.. so u can make a good connection on a webpage php + server mta
  9. xml?.. i can do it with mysql its better?.. load the data from mysql.. i use it now for register users in the gm i am making.. and load dialogs, etc
  10. Hey, i want to create an inventory system.. for put items like notes, or materials i create, bullets, etc.. but i dont knooow how to start , suggestions?
  11. Its possible to make that?.. when somebody dont have more ammo, the weapon dont dissapear?
  12. Zafire

    Take anim

    mmm thanks i only needed an animation that look like take something from the ground.. i use this anim setPedAnimation(player, "BOMBER", "BOM_Plant" , 3000, false) it looks good.. but you give me an idea with attachElements.. i can make more rol with that, thanks..
  13. Zafire

    Take anim

    Hi, exist an animation.. like the player take something an object or item from the floor?
  14. i use crearDialogoUsuario(text, time) for create a dialog, and show it X time.. It works.. but if i use this function 2 times at the same time example crearDialogoUsuario("Hi, how are you", 4000) crearDialogoUsuario("Bye", 4000) that 2 dialog will appear at the same time, and i dont want that.. i want the second appears when the first finish.. before 4 seconds.. so i create crearDialogoUsuario(text, time, delay) this function supose will white the "delay" i use for show the dialog.. but it doesnt works using this crearDialogoUsuario("Hi, how are you", 4000) crearDialogo
  15. hahahahahaha !!!! i want create a function loading data for every single player.. so when in my code i use OnPlayerLogin giveplayermoney(data[player]["money"]) after load the data.. it works for every single player.. will work like this for "pedro" giveplayermoney(data["pedro"]["money]) will work like this for jose giveplayermoney(data["jose"]["money]).. (I know maybe that code is bad, its only for xplain it).. and with the function i create i fix it.. because now i can do the same, and without loading ALL the data of the player.. and works for everysingle player like this.. giveplayermoney(
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