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  1. I guess you're looking for processLineOfSight. However, it does not return the rotation directly so you have to calculate it from the returned normal vector.
  2. Sorry, but if you open executables from random people, it's your own fault. There's nothing we can do about it.
  3. 1) MTA still works on Windows XP, we just don't give support for major issues certain people have (which are most likely related to malware activity). 2) "Tons of players" is an alternative fact. In reality, we're talking about 2.2% of our players (as of yesterday). 3) Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP several years ago. Therefore, it's just a matter of time until people will get massive problems with malware. Well, they can actually use the browser. The XP variant just uses an old, unsupported version of the browser. So apart from XP users being vulnerable to malware, the MTA variant runs fine with the exact same features. Feel free to do it
  4. proxy_sa.exe is a slightly modified copy of gta_sa.exe to bypass Nvidia Optimus optimizations that cause graphical issues/artifacts otherwise.
  5. You're using an outdated operating system. Please upgrade to Windows 7 soon. If you don't want to update, but want to install malware on your computer, feel free to download the Windows XP Service Pack 3 from http://www-pc.uni-regensburg.de/systemsw/winxp/sp3/WindowsXP-KB936929-SP3-x86-ENU.exe
  6. The log contains nearly no information. 1) Why do you think the sockets module is the problem? 2) How do you recognize exactly that the server fails?
  7. Could you please zip and upload all files from /path/to/mta/server/mods/deathmatch/dumps to https://upload.mtasa.com/?
  8. What's your server name and IP (+ports)?
  9. We really appreciate your interest in integrating FLA in MTA, but there are a few requirements that have to be met: Only one MTA version (2 versions would lead to fragmentation which is not our intention). The other main problem with a "moddable" version is also that such a version would be very prone to cheating and would lead to frustration due to cheaters on the long term It has to be integrated in a dynamic way. That means: No MTA restarts, but changing the limits on demand via a clientside function (or something similar) Since FLA would require modifications for MTA anyway, I don't see a reason to load FLA via an ASI loader. Instead, it should be merged with the Game SA/Multiplayer SA module. If you are still not deterred by these requirements and think it is affordable, we'd definitely appreciate a pull request on GitHub (and will accept it if the code quality is fine).
  10. JOB

    Ich vermute mal in deren Forum (womöglich http://www.coa-rl.eu/)
  11. It's most likely a script problem. If you have errors in the console, you could ask in https://forum.mtasa.com/forum/71-scripting/ for help. If not, you'd have to contact the original author of the script.
  12. We can only block the cheat software we know. So if you know what they used exactly or can find it out, please report it via PM to ccw.
  13. It was even slightly higher: New record: 28476 players - 2017 Jan Fri 6th 17:30
  14. Another pro for using double in vectors is that Lua uses them internally anyway. We should be careful about the exact position where we convert the precision though (as GTA requires 32-bit in the end as eAi said and MTA uses float all over the place too). That's of course true. However, afaik most engines use a modified (more numerical stable) Gram-Schmidt algorithm to re-orthogonalise such matrices. MTA's CMatrix class might even have the algorithm already implemented (not sure though). Also, such precision problems are normally not that bad as long as you're only talking about the "visual experience" and not going to implement a high-precision, deterministic physics engine. Do such classes have the fields twice (float + double) then?
  15. Could you please search for all occurrences of removeEventHandler in all resources and check if only 2 (instead of 3) parameters are passed somewhere? It's not an actual MTA bug, but a misuse of removeEventHandler in your script that appeared since we slightly changed the API in build 11049 (the build ccw posted just reverts our change temporally).