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  1. Unknown exception thrown

    You can alternatively update to the latest VS2017 version (15.6) which contains the bugfix.
  2. Pull Request Testing

    No, I meant the specific pull request e.g. https://github.com/multitheftauto/mtasa-blue/pull/186
  3. Try again (i.e. execute the win-install-data.bat script to get the new netc module). It should be fixed now.
  4. Pull Request Testing

    Any help is appreciated. You can download the build artifacts from AppVeyor: Go to the PR GitHub site and scroll down. Click "Show all checks" and "Details" in the "continuous-integration/appveyor/pr" row. Switch to the "Artifacts" tab Download and extract "InstallFiles.zip" Providing a build that contains all pull requests that have the "pr:needs-testing" label assigned is a pretty good idea actually. I'm definitely going to discuss that with the other devs.
  5. It's a problem on our end and we're working on a fix. Please try again in 1-2 days.
  6. Try attaching the debugger and check where it got stuck/crashed.
  7. premake5.lua invalide escape sequence

    You probably forgot executing win-install-data.bat as well. You can find a compile guide here: https://github.com/multitheftauto/mtasa-blue#windows
  8. 100% usage no matter how many cores

    Well, depends a bit on the CPU architecture, but most likely, yes (assuming there are not too many other services running on the VPS).
  9. 100% usage no matter how many cores

    MTA doesn't benefit much from increasing the number of CPU cores, because the main logic is executed on a single thread, so can effectively use only one core (ignoring the fact that a small part of the network code runs on a secondary thread). To improve the performance, there are several things you can do: Investigate what's causing the problems. It's not unlikely that it's caused by the gamemode, so start the performancebrowser resource and check if there're any major peaks Ensure your VPS has a dedicated (not shared) CPU to be able to use all resources. Also, (especially older) Intel CPUs have a better single-thread performance than AMD CPUs (I know, it got better with Ryzen, but most hosters still use older CPUs) Setup an external HTTP server to reduce the load caused by the integrated HTTP server
  10. MTA SA Translation

    As a regular user, you can only create suggestions which have to be approved by someone with more permissions. Therefore: What's your account name and is it correct that you want to translate Indonesian?
  11. How do i get MTA SA without GTA?

    Unfortunately, that's not possible.
  12. Could Not Create Direct3D font "tahomabd" ?

    Please download, extract and run MTADiag and follow the instructions. Press 'n' when asked. Post any Pastebin URL MTADiag gives you
  13. VehicleExhaustPosition

    getVehicleComponents + setVehicleComponentPosition with exhaust_ok should do the trick.
  14. Unfortunately, it's not possible to install MTA without admin rights, because some MTA components require admin rights at least once. Can't you reinstall Windows entirely?
  15. What is the password for the "Console" account!

    The "Console" account is a special account type that cannot have a password. What are you trying to do? Normally, creating a new account would be the way to go.