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  1. Community need new luac compiler!

    The compiler has never been meant to be 100% secure. It can't even be fully secure since the MTA server still needs to read the script files. However, it doesn't look like the decompiler in the video supports "obfuscation level 3" which is much better than the other two.
  2. Lua 5.3?

    Actually, it's not about code changes by MTA (there are a few changes, but those are easy to migrate). The real problem is that the bytecode changed which is why compiled scripts won't work any longer. Additionally, some features (like fenvs) were removed. The only way to get support for Lua 5.3 is to add a field to the meta.xml to switch between Lua versions. The question is though: Is the confusion and community fragmentation caused by this worth the few new features?
  3. what opengl does mta use, for shaders

    The OpenGL libraries you mentioned belong to CEF, the embedded web browser framework we use. To be precise, it's primarily used for WebGL (afaik DirectX 11 is used for compositing/website rendering).
  4. Problem with serial, please, help

    Your serial is not banned globally, so there's unfortunately nothing the MTA team could do about it. Therefore, your only chance to get unbanned is to kindly ask the server team to unban you. (Also, don't try changing your serial using tools that pretend to do it as an attempt results in a global ban immediately and automatically)
  5. MTA is suddenly crashed win.7 32bit

    Looks like you're using a broken vehicle mod for the Intruder (id 546). Try restoring it to its default or reinstall GTA.
  6. Why the MTA crashes,when i connect to servers?

    You're using an ancient version of MTA. Please update it and try again: http://nightly.mtasa.com/?mtasa-1.5.5-latest
  7. MTA is suddenly crashed win.7 32bit

    Are there any files in C:\Program Files\MTA San Andreas 1.5\MTA\dumps\private\? If so, please zip and upload them to https://upload.mtasa.com/
  8. MTA crashing

    Please zip and upload all files from C:\Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.5\MTA\dumps\private\ to https://upload.mtasa.com/ Also, there's no reason to create lots of threads with the same content.
  9. very strange POST requests

    It's not encrypted, it's just compressed and checks if there are any updates available for the auto-updater.
  10. MTA C++ Addon

    What's the exact problem with tea encryption? It's ofc not as powerful as something like AES, but it's not possible to implement an effective and secure encryption of assets anyway as you'd always have to send the secret key to the client at some point. Thus, just intercepting the secret is much easier and faster than trying to break/brute-force TEA. The easiest way to make use of compression is to set up an external http server and enable gzip compression in its config. Topic: C++ addons will not be implemented because of the reasons Saml1er mentioned in his post above. If you really need specific functions though (e.g. AES encryption functions for Lua), you can request them on mantis or submit a pull request on GitHub.
  11. Unknown exception thrown

    You can alternatively update to the latest VS2017 version (15.6) which contains the bugfix.
  12. Pull Request Testing

    No, I meant the specific pull request e.g. https://github.com/multitheftauto/mtasa-blue/pull/186
  13. Try again (i.e. execute the win-install-data.bat script to get the new netc module). It should be fixed now.
  14. Pull Request Testing

    Any help is appreciated. You can download the build artifacts from AppVeyor: Go to the PR GitHub site and scroll down. Click "Show all checks" and "Details" in the "continuous-integration/appveyor/pr" row. Switch to the "Artifacts" tab Download and extract "InstallFiles.zip" Providing a build that contains all pull requests that have the "pr:needs-testing" label assigned is a pretty good idea actually. I'm definitely going to discuss that with the other devs.
  15. It's a problem on our end and we're working on a fix. Please try again in 1-2 days.