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  1. i already seen this video before...hmm
  2. I need help.I saw on some servers,fun servers,there is objects which one hold another one and they spinning.I know that is script,but where i can find it?
  3. Hey guys,i madded new map,Roller Coaster.Sorry,i haven't got time to make video,or post screens because i got a lot of works..... Okay,here is download link,just download and play DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?6ldrzj136vrh6fs
  4. i can help you,i am map maker already 3 years so.... i madded new short map Roller Coaster........i will post download link later........just add and enjoy,no screens,sorry patu112,have you facebook or something like that???? Send me message
  5. hey,what that mean???? Maybe you work in circus asshole,get a f*ck out of my topic
  6. ???? Who will explane this???Do you work in circus???? Post reply on maps...not lololololololoo -.-
  7. Hello again,i madded new map,which ie is better for me PICTURE: I hope you know what is is,it's something like SPINNER......
  8. hah ,i am 15 years old dude,and i haven't got webcam to record...so...
  9. hey wallmart,where the hell you live in?i'm not just sticked objects!!
  10. well,dude,cars are werry importmant,search Auto Scooter,or Luna Park Cassagrande and you will see...... I love all my parks,my maps.....here,i will show ya the creation of luna park
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