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    Need some help!

  2. Ready

    Need some help!

    How do i update my server to 1.1? please someone answer me!!! ( and i still need the money timer!!!)
  3. Ready

    Need some help!

    edit: fixed the bank location, i know how to do it now! only need a money timer!!! (sorry for posting this thread in the wrong section, but everyone in the other section were making fun of me! i couldn't do something else because i needed serious answers..)
  4. Thanks, but this is not what i wanted. i want to earn money just by being in the server and automatically receive it .
  5. How do i earn money? edit: removed everything, i found out how to do it =D ( only need the money timer! ) edit2: How can i change bank locations?
  6. Please explain me this step by step, i'm new ..
  7. <config> <!-- This parameter specifies the name the server will be visible as in the ingame server browser and on Game-Monitor. It is a required parameter. --> <servername>M4Station</servername> <!-- ONLY USE THIS PARAMETER IF YOU ARE SURE OF WHAT YOU ARE DOING - it is generally only needed for professional servers and should be left blank otherwise. This parameter specifies the IP to use for servers that have multiple IP addresses. If left blank, it will default to server's standard local IP address. -
  8. ERROR: Error parsing config file Server stopped! Press Q to shut down the server! This happends, when i Run MTA Server. Sum Help?? please explain step for step, where to place all files etc. im Newb
  9. @dzek Where to find clientside.lua? Where to place Double Jump files? Im just new to MTA..
  10. Title says it. i've the admin but how do u enable /fly And how do u enable Double Shift? (Fly with u'r charechter). And how to set a local Server?
  11. by the way, how do u log in? it says Not logged in
  12. I've got a MTA Server. i made myself admin: <group name="Admin"> <acl name="Moderator" /> <acl name="SuperModerator" /> <acl name="Admin" /> <acl name="RPC" /> <object name="user.Ready" /> Ready is my name. <object name="resource.admin" /> <object name="resource.webadmin" /> But when i get in my server. What do i have to do to activate admin? HELP ME!
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