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  1. Hope not, maybe someone could ask him to give us the source and let someone else finish it.
  2. If thats a tutorial, I need a more detailed tutorial then.
  3. Sorry for bumping, but it would be good for you too dzek. so, dzek. Could you post the gas station code pl0x?
  4. Me too, tutorial on MySQL pl0x.
  5. Hm, if so the stuff on the wiki are stuff we can't use aswell? ; [
  6. Well, Valhalla is copyrighted anyways. I never recommended him to steal it, I was more likely to call him to view the code and see what he can learn from it.
  7. If you want to steal other people's ideas why not just stay and play in Valhalla or check your resources folder for it?
  8. setElementInterior ( cj_Ped, 50 );
  9. Disgusting video quality, disgusting attitude and disgusting mods.
  10. attemptIt


    You put it in a command or add it as a event.
  11. Yeah, yes I did try. And yes I'm new at scripting so please help me. This is what I got up to and currently it doesn't work. function joinHandler ( ) local x = 0.0 local y = 0.0 local z = 10.0 spawnPlayer ( source, x, y, z ) fadeCamera ( source, true ) setCameraTarget ( source, source ) outputChatBox ( "Welcome to survivalServer RC:1.00", source ) bindKey ( source, "delete", "both", attackHandler ( tPlayer ) ) end addEventHandler ( "onPlayerJoin", getRootElement ( ), joinHandler ) function loadThings ( ) setGlitchEnabled
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