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  1. Yes, we do. Release it now and let everyone copy it... And please, stop being so selfish!
  2. How do you make this command work with part of the names? Typing the whole name is a bit hard and since MTA doesn't have IDs...
  3. I've never been in a beta test, I hope not to miss this one!
  4. How does it work? How does the server know what weather comes next and when is time to change it? Do you think it is possible to make a similar system with a resource? I'm asking this because I read somewhere that it was not possible to change the blended-weather system to work with a blending time (not the game clock) without some ugly game hacks and I thought I'd make a resource that would blend the weather in a certain amount of time; that would help me to practice Lua and probably C++. Thanks.
  5. Yes, I can start the server and start the editor from the black window but I can start the ME neither from the "Host Game" nor "Map Editor" items.
  6. The current forum design (phpBB style) looks boring.
  7. Nevermind, here it is: # Copyright (c) 1993-1999 Microsoft Corp. # # Éste es un ejemplo de archivo HOSTS usado por Microsoft TCP/IP para Windows. # # Este archivo contiene las asignaciones de las direcciones IP a los nombres de # host. Cada entrada debe permanecer en una línea individual. La dirección IP # debe ponerse en la primera columna, seguida del nombre de host correspondiente. # La dirección IP y el nombre de host deben separarse con al menos un espacio. # # # También pueden insertarse comentarios (como éste) en líneas individuales # o a continuación del nombre de equ
  8. I've reinstalled both of them, still the same problem...
  9. My map editor doesn't start via client either. I updated my editor resources and I just installed the latest DirectX runtimes.
  10. Does your map's name have spaces? If so, replace them with underscores "_".
  11. That's exactly what I THINK it is, others may see it as a bug, I won't say they're wrong. What I was saying is that it would be a lot easier if there was a function to enable/disable this bug/feature so server owners don't have to mess with onClientPlayerDamage. I also thought it would be great if it was disabled by default as most people that comes from SINGLE PLAYER aren't used to get killed in two shots by peds; they are used to kill peds in two shots. Just my opinion...
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