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  1. Mr.ArO

    Help with a new server

    Port 22126 is open. Port 22003 is open. Port 22005 is open.
  2. Mr.ArO

    Help with a new server

    did everything as said in instruction but server is showing only in LAN nobody can connect to it with ip
  3. just started to create a new server.. as i see many things changed so I need help with that portforward.com just don't open changing browser, cleaning cache didn't helped any help with that?
  4. Mr.ArO

    Some Questions

    thanx for answer 5) is on one server I saw it
  5. Hello I have some questions 1)how to make moving gates (with command like /opengate1 or something else) 2)how to make you own car plates (like GLC on car plate) 3)Is there any speedometer with tahometer? 4)Where to find scripting basics (if it possible in russian ) 5)How to make like when join the server before downloading appear a screen and text then the download start 6)Is it possible to add music to game (ex a club map when enter it is playing a music exiting and it disapears
  6. Mr.ArO


    Hello Can anyone say how to disable the map after dieing in freeroam mode?
  7. no not that timer a timer that shows how much is left for restart
  8. Thanx but is it possible to make a timer?
  9. Hello Is there a resource that restarts another resource ?? (ex. there are cars in the map when players play they move them, blow up and etc.. that resource restarts the car map from 30 minutes over and over again)
  10. when the zombie hits the player it is kicking from server why the zombies are kicking?
  11. Mr.ArO

    is there any?

    again didn't worked
  12. Mr.ArO

    is there any?

    but i am typing /godmode and nothing happens when i am jumping i am dieing again
  13. Mr.ArO

    is there any?

    i had downloaded when i am jumping and hitting the floor i die
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