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  1. TheLegend

    Mta:SA Crash!

    MTA Crash is now bit lesser...anyways waiting for next version...thanks alll
  2. that we will discuss in the interview!
  3. hello, i am legend,a server owner i need 3-5 members who can be recruited.. You will have a short interview with me and then if i think u are good then u will be selected for the scripting of my server..i am also a basic scripter but i need some pros also so i am searching for them....if your selected in interview then we will speak about my idea and more...if we do best then for sure in few months of our server release with good players we will have salaries.. Thank You,
  4. yes.....i am now a basic scripter...as i said u can check ma scripts in my server...
  5. Hazey I am Happy... I am Very Honoured To Help You Guys And Create A My Own Server..... My Server Call Of Duty Prototype by Legend [mta.mooo.com] I made it with the help of cod2mod team... Can make a new server ??? i have sent you a PM containing My Contact Info... I am Still There To Hire? Any One Need Me?
  6. Yes i want to join.....
  7. Yes i have talent in server i am hosting the server Call Of Duty Prototype By Legend..
  8. Name Please Cas..kieren reply..
  9. kieren i want to know u... Castillo Are u owning Server?
  10. Hello, Can Anyone Give Me Server For Free.. I will Script And Have Got Good Plan..And The Hoster Will Be The President Of The Server And I will Add Scripts And Everything On Ma Plan.. Interested? Reply And I Would Give You My Plan Of Hosting New Server..
  11. Hmm..so i need to add the script
  12. will it work as the server is Shooting not Racing?
  13. it is 100% Working What is new?
  14. Hello, i need help in creating a map..i want to create a map with race mod for shooting mod server!
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