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  1. *OFF TOPIC* I would suggest you getting a new English teacher for start.
  2. Fentas


  3. guiSetText(HPG,"Health: ".. math.floor(HP) .."") >>> guiSetText(HPG,"Health: ".. math.floor(HP))
  4. Fentas

    Use of RAM

    Zombies are a problem? Yes, of course they are. They can eat the cables and the server will stop . Just kidding.. as Sniper told you, 400 mb's of ram must be enough to run any kind of gamemode with 20 players.
  5. Nobody is your slave here, mate. You can't just order "then say me where to find that and write"! Be at least a bit more thankful and please, try to explain what exactly do you need, in a bit more understandable English.
  6. I vote for an MTA bug, I just tested it. Try flying a hydra and right before you crash in to a building, press J to eject yourself. If you hit the building with your player, there's a big chance to get this wierd screen.
  7. Fentas

    XML question

    Having an unique ID for every house is good idea, but using XML for a house system is not that good. Loading very big XML files with more than 1000+ houses and that much data may cause server lag problems (tested). I suggest you using other ways to store the houses. P.S : You can use setElementData to give an unique ID for every house when you load the houses.
  8. Fentas


    The only way is to start learning. You can find all functions and handlers with examples on the MTA wiki. I suggest you to start from : http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Scr ... troduction . For the thing you need, I suggest using DX.. Read more about : http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/DxDrawText - http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/OnClientRender .
  9. Fentas


    Just create a custom function for that purpose inside the script.. I dont think its gonna be that hard, if you need any help skype me.
  10. Lets guess that you are probably want to use spawnPlayer. If you want to pick 1 random of 6 locations for your spawn, one of the ways to do it, is using math.random to get a random location from a table containing the x, y, z coordinates of every spawn location.
  11. No offence.. but I really dont know, why the hell you keep helping this greedy and lazy person. He act like he is the best and he owns you.. Anyway.. He published this "shop" (very crap and buggy resource) 3 times on the community, for unknown reason.. and look at his attitude.. "and make sure you give me the code here", are we your slave's, so we must give you the code working for shure or what? I am sorry for the offtopic, but I cant believe you keep helping him. Go and learn god damn English first, and then start learning LUA by yourself.. thats my opinion.
  12. Fentas

    how ?

    He means that when he attach the marker to a vehicle and move/drive the vehicle ( in his case is the Andromada ) the marker stops working.Thats an MTA bug i believe.There are other more complicated way's to do/fix your problem.
  13. Fentas

    Hydra .

    function DisableHydraFire ( theVehicle ) toggleControl ( "vehicle_secondary_fire", ~(getElementModel ( theVehicle ) == 520 ) ) ) end addEventHandler ( "onClientPlayerVehicleEnter", getLocalPlayer(), DisableHydraFire )
  14. LOL, its "Error - 404" an downloading error.. something failed while you uploaded it ( i guess ) so i suggest you to re-upload it again to the community.
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