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  1. Amazing work! Had alot of fun yesterday playing with the script.
  2. But will it become open-source? So that other experienced web-developers can contribute?
  3. Any updates? Can we help with updates or something?
  4. Would be awesome if the community would be open source. Plus the con "security by obscurity doesn’t “work” anymore" would be solved if a framework is used like Laravel in combination with Vue or something for better security. And the con "slightly more effort (as we’ve to separate stuff like the decompiler)" can be solved with a private backend repository. Keep u the good work!
  5. addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", root, function() mywindow = guiCreateWindow(681, 407, 378, 372, "Radio", false) guiWindowSetSizable(mywindow, false) hardstyleB = guiCreateButton(16, 31, 103, 43, "Hardstyle", false, mywindow ) closeB = guiCreateButton(144, 330, 94, 32, "Close", false, mywindow ) addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", closeB, closewindow, false) addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", hardstyleB, theradio, false) guiSetVisible(mywindow,false) end) -- Your onclick button trigger function theradio () if (source == hardstyleB) then triggerServerEvent("onRadio"
  6. You need to make a trigger to the server to sync it with all the players. https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/TriggerServerEvent https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/TriggerClientEvent Flow: Click on button -> Make call to server -> Server makes call to the client to play the hardstyle stream. (Nice music taste btw)
  7. The reason why we compiler that script is because we didn't want tot have multiple copys of oud script going arround The web without giving credits to US. We didnt added any back door (ask an MTA dev if you want). Wat did you exactly want tot change? I'm btw [DenR]Danny
  8. Then you should PM a admin about it. Someone like @ccw or @darkdreamingdan
  9. Check out their contact page: http://www.delux-host.com/main/contact Give them a call, or mail them.
  10. Awesome idea, but does people with bad computers have any disadvantages?
  11. How much RAM does mta server take up? MTA normally takes arrond 200-400mb
  12. I remember that vehicle nodes has all those data if i'm right. Check out crystalmv's his NPC HLC Traffic script: http://crystalmv.net84.net/pages/scripts.php
  13. And why should you guys buy that expensive SSL certs if you barely got money for it? You always can go with let's encrypt, it's free. But good to know that the money will go to the community instead of vacations hehe And what are you guys doing with sorting based on players, and server names?
  14. Are there any restrictions for example how much top position we can buy? It's now 4 euro's, so arround 50 cents per day. But when the price is 6 euro's it's arround 0.85 cents per day. So when you want to pay for a year it will cost 312 euro's (based on the 6 euro per week) for one server. So 312 * 7 = 2184 euros. So where is this money going to? (If I may ask)
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