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  1. no its not a movie but thanks for making this trend burn but yet on the top of the forum page can any mods rename this trend the burning sk8ter trend, that would be great thanks oh and scurvy go take some vitamin C
  2. well thats too bad for you cause it gets better at the end lol good for you, you didn't see me drift cuase you didn't even bother to see the rest. cause Im around the end.
  3. lol I drift granturismo 3 over at gtplanet.net, Check out my teams vid we rock the show and we will rock GT4 when it goes online http://pergatory.net/gtp/Project_D.WMV edit oh and you don't have to download it
  4. LOL hah ha haah wow this isn't even a MOVIE another thing is that this isn't no stunt video , Im tired of all this stunt vids all being the same why wont any one make somthing different for a change. and for one thing you guys have to be hardcore drifters to understand what its going to go down. REMEBER this was a teaser not a whole vid. once I capture vids of sin, Cerbera and me drifting this will be off the hook and thanks to Evil, i guess he only understands shame on you others
  5. check this out, http://pergatory.net/gtp/golf_course_drifting.zip
  6. yes its like a glitch. some what like the easter egg. you can walk through a wall on the hospital building and you can hide form any one and see through the wall but the others cant see through because there out side.
  7. there is a way to get money though just crash some parking meters and get money.
  8. dont worry its a secret. I discoverd this when I went after cudda kine there is no hot spot to enter the hospital but i you walk into the building at a certain point then you will be inside the hospital building. you dont no because you haven't been there. its like the ester egg thing
  9. wow nice avatar. the smoke is my smoke mod that you can get at gtaforums.com, but you have to search for it your self and you can get it on cerebra's site also.
  10. lol you guys still didn't figure it out, the seceret place is the hospital next to Vrock radio station. the seceret is how to get inside the building of the hospital, then every one else will try to find you but there is no way in.
  11. bah i give you guys a hint it's a hospital
  12. haha I know where the seceret spot is I seen cudda kane opps sorry cudda kine in there when I was hunting him down!!! it's pretty cool to hide if some ones after you and then your in a building with no way in want me to tell you guys where it is
  13. yah what he said /\ /\ /\ it would be cool to have a king of the ring match like WWE style, with no weapons and you have to knock them off the ring to win.
  14. he he he I use the same dsl line with my sis. MY modem has a ethernet plug and a USB plug. I did a lil experiment and I hooked up the ethernet cable to my laptop then the usb cable to my destop computer and it worked. we both browse the internet on the same time and I think we have the same Ip because it came from the same modem, no routers
  15. turf wars (its simple, its like how long can you hold a point untill you die for example your in malibu club you have to kill any body trying to take over your point, the longest that anybody has hold the point untill the timer runs out wins then a next point is declared.) it very cool idea
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