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  1. I need a help for nitro pickups for destruction derby/race.I played on other servers and they made pickup for nitro,repair and changing vehicle.When you drive to that pickup you will get a nitro or repair or change vehicle.And someone said to me that i can make that in mta editor.But don't know how.Please help. I'm newbie.And if i posted this theme in an another place.Than please say it to me,and where to post.
  2. I need help with (resources) i have a zombie mode but i dont know where to put him that i can host him on homemade (home server) server.I'm new and i dont know how to use resources i really like that zombie resource/mode but i dont know how to load and where to put PLEASE HELP
  3. i want just none mysql , mysql is lame -.-
  5. do the mode have factions and gangs like in SA:MP? And commands in gans like /tie ?
  6. Can someone record a video...because i dont know how to do that and i can't to speak so much english.
  7. but i want to replace only in multiplayer not in real,i just want to replace in mod ...when i replace in gta3 img i will destroy it.
  8. I need a help with skins for mta sa.I dont know how to find skins to download and where to put? If anyone knows please help i need that.And just one question where can i find car skins for mta sa and where to put. Thank you all
  9. cool and live long roleplay scripters
  10. i hope this will be a good roleplay mode
  11. Hi all.And i need a roleplay mode if it don't needs mysql and i have started to play mta 2 days ago and i want to know how can i start a downloaded mod.
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