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  1. Does anyone know whether having two servers run on the same IP, different ports, with one server being 1.0.5 and another 1.3, effect being visible on the master list. The 1.0.5 server is listed (West Coast Gaming), however, our 1.3 server will not list. The current way to connect must be through Quick Connect. The 1.3 server runs on :22005 and 1.0.5 runs on :22003 - default. If you have any suggestions please let us know, we would like to have both servers visible in the master list. Thanks
  2. I will be visiting my father this week and will have limited internet ( dial-up ). I'll see if it'll work. I'm on a bus now which seems to block such connections.
  3. I can do the easy work and write up a CDatManager and RPC, etc. I don't really understand the hooking process so this code could just get saved and kept until a later date, when someone has the time to play with it. And after looking through all the .dat's, there's only a few which really could be edited ( weapons, carmods, objects ). The rest seem too specific to really benefit from ( surfaces, surface sounds ).
  4. Well, I'm a C++ guy, but I can try.
  5. Obviously. Hence why I included this thread. Will those functions be considered in the near future?
  6. I am querying the MTA Team on the topic of .dat modifications through the server, in other words... 1. Has there been any discussion or possibility of .dat file values that could be imported/loaded when a client joins a server. 2. Are there other possible alternatives to syncing players .dat values? I am interested in weapons.dat and altering weapon fire, etc.
  7. They must have removed that
  8. Are you sure? It is not listed on the wiki
  9. Thanks for the link and for the example. I'm in favor of a setElementPosition() method, possibly doing it client-side triggered by the "onClientRender" event. I tried a timer at a 50ms interval and increasing position by one but its very jumpy. We shall see. I suppose ill createProjectile client-side rather than setPedControlState() for vehicle_fire.
  10. Alright, so I've made an epic strategy-based team combat gamemode and I'm currently scripting in attack helicopters that are similar to those found in Call of Duty Black Ops ( its AI controlled ). Presented below is my initial test code to see how MTA reacts. My problem is, when the attack helicopter begins to get close to me, my game freezes up and I am forced to shut down the game through Task Manager. Does anyone have a suggestion for controlling a ped's AI flying? Server-side code function onPlayerHelicopter ( player ) local x, y, z = getElementPosition ( player ) ped = cre
  11. Go to http://community.multitheftauto.com/ and you will see various resources available to you. There are numerous login systems, so you can compare almost a dozen. I suggest searching on that page for save data resources and those will provide examples of saving data.
  12. TheGhost

    VBS '05

    If anyone would like to submit art work/screenshots/etc to be included, please supply them to me either by PM or a reply to this thread. Thank you
  13. TheGhost

    VBS '05

    Hey all, I found my VBS '05 and am thinking about getting back into scripting. I'm interested in developing a program that interactively teaches everything you need to know to start your own server and make new resouces and such. Is anyone interested in joining the team? If so, PM me. Furthermore, I would like to name the program Multi Theft Auto Professor. What clearances do I need to get from MTA's official head body to get it legal. Thanks
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