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    Server color

    All this violet color. How to do this?(Sorry SHC) Dirrect link for more of this pic: http://www.ipix.lt/images/71599362.png
  2. ClanWpk

    Server color

    Idk if im writing in right section , but in some server there is thingy that all server colors - dead players, places, map name are in some kinda color (red, violet, ect.) How to do that?
  3. How long did take for them to fix last time?
  4. I know that there is lots of topics. But i wanna ask how to indicate that last players left alive gets 1st place, 2nd left alive 2nd place, 3rd left alive 3rd place and how to indicate that they would get points.
  5. I want to make points system and rank system. Like - You win the race you get 25 points if ur first. 15 for second and 5 for third. But how to add those points and add ranking to it?(like if you got 500points ur level 2 and ect.). Can someone give me a hint?
  6. How long it can take up? ts still not working ;/
  7. Well database of game-monitor is down so we cant add it anyway. So we need to wait or there is another way to do it?
  8. Database Error Database error The database has encountered a problem. Please try the following: * Load the page again by clicking the Refresh button in your web browser. * Open the forum.game-monitor.com home page, then try to open another page. * Click the Back button to try another link. The forum.game-monitor.com forum technical staff have been notified of the error, though you may contact them if the problem persists. We apologise for any inconvenience. Thats why its not working. Older added servers are ok but not new. I think I just need to wait
  9. It works now. BUT it cant still connect to master server and does not show up on internet list. Any ideas again?
  10. As I think it shouldnt be, try to disable texture and watch lag then
  11. Ok, now i started server but...: root@d42:~# cd mtaserver root@d42:~/mtaserver# screen s dots in the name [17:31:55] ERROR: Couldn't find meta.xml file for resource 'race-[DM]Moonrace' [17:31:55] Loading of resource 'race-[DM]Moonrace' failed [17:31:55] ERROR: Couldn't find meta.xml file for resource 'race-[dd]martyzfeatb leidexv2dd' [17:31:55] Loading of resource 'race-[dd]martyzfeatbleidexv2dd' failed [17:31:55] ERROR: Couldn't find meta.xml file for resource 'race-[dd]southftroot v2' [17:31:55] Loading of resource 'race-[dd]southftrootv2' fai
  12. I have Debian server. Tried those apt-get lib***** commands and still nothing. same as sylver had, tried his way but idk where to but that file...
  13. whole story is that i bought vps, added all everything i need to start and added my old server resources and configs from serverFFS. but I get error ehn launching: error while loading shared libraries: libpcre.so.3: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory What to do?
  14. My other GUI: function createWelcomeWindow() GUIEditor_Window[1] = guiCreateWindow(208,127,669,520,".: ..:: ...::: Welcome to [FTS] Clan DD/DM Server :::... ::.. :.",false) GUIEditor_Button[2] = guiCreateButton(50,481,574,20,"I accept Rules and I want to continue!",false,GUIEditor_Window[1]) addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", GUIEditor_Button[2], clientAccept, false) --here GUIEditor_TabPanel[1] = guiCreateTabPanel(70,115,531,323,false,GUIEditor_Window[1]) GUIEditor_Tab[1] = guiCreateTab("Rules",GUIEditor_TabPanel[1]) GUIEditor_Memo[1] = guiCreateMemo(20,21,212,258,"-C
  15. OK now, but there are 2 problems - first the resource start on every new map and second that if you click on button mouse and everything is gone, but not the gui. What to do?
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