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  1. hey people i am a newbie scripter,and wanted everyone's ideas to create a script on. . . . . if u guys find this topic useless lock it
  2. i would like do the job maybe for free if u prefer so rply asap:)
  3. plantanium

    hey !!!!!

    i am ready to script for anyone for free just PM me and let me know ur server and clan details
  4. hey i was starting a script can i get tips on how to make script for admin level because i wanted to make mine script for a server like: level 1 :GM and KICK level 2:GM KICK and MUTE and so on please help urgent
  5. hey pm me the map pls benox i am trily4ik
  6. lol benox how you made animations in mta sa?
  7. Hi everyone I made a topic about portals i didn't understood it and I now need a script for something like hmm Portal map like fences when someone completes portal 1 then the 2nd portals fences open themselves please help me with it I am not good in it.
  8. plantanium

    Season Greetings

    how do i get full screen on my laptop?
  9. techg9 make ur own new ideas dont ask for map downloads
  10. benox when will i get the maps?
  11. not only nice setelementvelocity nice map too I ♥ u fusion!
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