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  1. I admit getting some inspiration from there (tho 9gag idea was from some other server), but those scripts are made by me.
  2. Hello, i would like to sell few resources here. All resources are made by me from scratch. I do not oversell the resources, if you are first then only you will have the resource!!! 9gag browser resource 9GAG browser enables your players to see the latest gags directly from your server. Works with all gamemodes! PS: NEEDS ADMIN RIGHTS! Files included: server.lua client.lua imgfile.txt images/background.png images/loading.png images/nogif.png meta.xml SCRIPTS ARE NOT COMPILED! YOU CAN EDIT THEM! Key(s): F6 - Show/Hide 9GAG GUI Screenshots: Price: 5 USD (5 $) race_maplist resou
  3. tigerman

    Race times

    You could just reinstall race resource
  4. Remove everything from that map (scripts, sounds, textures). There should be just meta.xml and .map file.
  5. addEventHandler("onMarkerHit",shop,showGUI) server
  6. startResource is global, you cant start resource just for one player with that.
  7. tigerman


    Theres almost every single day someone asking it, use search.
  8. You must change the Race resource. Good luck.
  9. I am buying copy of FFS server cus TG is already taken... 60 bucks! No *sarcasm* at all.
  10. Hey, maybe someone can recommend me hosting where i could use netherlands as server location and the company should be older than 1 year..
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