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  1. Great job team but i have a problem, every time i connect to a server, i can play 1 or 2 min then i'm disconnected and many times i can't type anything in "T" (talk votton) it just doesn't work. Im using Win ME eng Home Edition and my vice city is using the patch 1.1.
  2. the guys are always moving the same direction, i've tryed many servers & they all do the same thing, sometimes i find a guy in a car but he isnt driving, just stands there like a bi**
  3. Im sorry im posting this, but becose of all those post i dont know if this was posted or not so perhaps there is one like this already. Finaly i can see ppl moving during a internet game I found this in this forum (+-): 1. Use ASE to find a game & copy his ip. 2. Open the MTA exe & start an mta game (the gta3 should start auto hit alt+tab) 3. Paste the ip in the ip part. 4. Hit connect then Alt+tab to go bak to the game. 5. Start a new game, wait until the credits start, hit Alt+tab again. 6. Hit respawn botton (its under the disconect botton), alt+tab again 7. choose a team
  4. only 3 guys could play this mod? strange, well i guess i have to figure it out why the mod isnt working in here (i connect to a server with ppl, & they arent there, just some static models over a roof). 1 more thing do you guys have modified your game? how did you guys played & finaly do you have 1.1 patch? plz i made this post to see if i can "fix" my problem
  5. Who played 0.3 MTA with real ppl in a server? PLZ POST ONLY WHO PLAYED, NOT OTHER POST's PLZ.
  6. the same thing to me, i dont understand, im using patch 1.1 could be the server with the normal version 1.0 ?
  7. i do that but i dont see the players, i only see some models that dont move, over a roof near mafia hidout (its 100% impossebel to get up there unless using some kind of code or the dodo, but i also dont see the dodo.
  8. of corse, now i can join servers but i dont see any players, in ASE there are 4, 8, 16, 19 players but when i join, select a team, i dont see any players, in the map there are some stupid models over a roof there isnt a way to i get up there & all those bots dont move, what can i do to play the mod right? (i make like they say, find a server, conect to a server by ASE or by the ip (i use the ip metode) then when im connect i make send request, i respawn, finaly i choose a team but like i said there arent players, but i can see them in ASE)
  9. i cant evan go to the select team (i got the 1.1 patch)
  10. who said i wanted realistc mods? i just made fun mods, well the 2º weapon mod is much more like a chalange mod, for those that are always being killed i said that the best way is using my 1º weapon mod, for those that think they're really good, just try to pass the game with my 2º weapons mod
  11. Hi ppl, im new in this forum Ok i'm gona for the point. I've made some weapon mods ages ago for GTA 3 (attention Brazil ppl can't download them, my server got some problems with your system): Weapon Mod for noobs, the weapons dont make or take damage (except the hely from the coppers) your only way to kill our get killed is by using your own hands: http://gta3fans.com.sapo.pt/death_meat_WeaponMod1.zip Weapon Mod 2, only for PROS weapons kill you almost with 1 shot, only a PRO can survive with it, with this you can "kill" lots of cars with 1 shot so you can't pass trough some gang arias (
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