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  1. HunT

    help please

    No image no code . . . Nothing How can help?
  2. HunT


    Yes i can pm me.
  3. HunT


    Crash because the .dff is big. You need divide on 2 or 3 parts.
  4. HunT


    Where u download this? I need the name of folder from .3ds
  5. HunT


  6. HunT

    Fortnite GameMode ?

    I think Fortnite is already dead 🤔
  7. HunT

    [PSD]Simple MTA:SA Logo template

    Sorry about that but is nothing of special
  8. HunT

    [Wip/Show] Bank System

    This Bank System is only compatible with one gamemode.
  9. HunT

    Server PUBG MTA italiano

    Good Luck
  10. HunT

    [HELP] engineLoadTXD / TXD file problem

    Have you use the 1024×512 in 3dsmax or only resize?
  11. HunT

    [HELP] engineLoadTXD / TXD file problem

    Here is the problem : U need use every time 128 256 512 1024 Example : metal resize to 1024x512 wood resize to 512x256 gold resize to 512x256
  12. HunT

    I need help in 3ds max (lighting)

    Find some tutorial about d2fx. But u can make easy effect with script.
  13. HunT

    Help Me Please 3ds max

    I think the problem is this : Because u need use ever 128 256 512 1014 and not 800x532 Resize the texture to 512x512 and solved 100% (about txd,idk if u have script problem)
  14. Terrain editor like unreal engine or ( why not) gameguru. I see many time ago in the forum this discussion but i think never release.
  15. Se a te da fastidio la parte blu puoi eliminarla con dx replace texture. In pratica estrai l immagine in particle.txd e la editi con photoshop e poi vai a sostituirla con dx. Almeno da quanto ho capito