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  1. i saw cheap copies of win2k on ebay before, its not illigal, or not that i know of.. (when i say copies i mean originals just the way u say it u know) think i looked and one was like £20 before, without manual, but with autheticity certificate th ing, and holographic cd thing...it was probably OEM but who cares! i'd recommened 2k over xp anyday, unless you really need the shadow effects on the desktop icons...
  2. i'll try it later got me curious now
  3. as far as i can tell, sync'd weather, sync'd cars, perfect aiming, and the ability to a rediculous amount of cars to your server! skin chooser seems to work right, along with the ingame menu the stunt thing is pretty cool, also seems to work..i can never get longer than 2 seconds on 2 wheels tho and thatso nly with the taxi, first timei saw that i thought i could cheat with the motorbike since has 2 wheels in all..(first time i played it and it came up that is, back when the rumours of the pc version eventually coming out were around)
  4. i rekcon once they have this core thing done, and its all super cool and crashless and if they arn't sick of mta by then it would be nice if they added some kind of script for missions!
  5. i dunno, seems fine here, gtat seems smooth but gets laggy when there are a lot of people around i have rambus memory, praps that helps? + intel mobo but isn't the AA more of the card and not the computer? i wouldn't of thought AA would affect the graphics because its only done inside the card, probably some kind of freak occurance my explanation of smooth is if everything doesn't jump or anything, like if you can spin around and it feels like its smooth with nothing jerky or anything, probably running a lower frame rate, be nice if mta came with a fps coutner in sp tho if i spawn tons
  6. i do find my 9600 atlantis works like a charm, i have 4x AA and 16xaf (set to quality not performance) and vice city looks amazing, can't play it without aa anymore, and if u play on the ps2 after the pc one you just get disapointed well i haven't tested the framerates, but it feels so smooth 1024x768x32 on a PIII 800 with only 256mb of ram word of advice tho, if your gonna go budget, don't get an ATI budget card, i used to have a 9200se, and vice city was a little choppy in 800x600x32 without any antialaising turned on, the geforce ones are better budget cards in my opinion although with
  7. i'm curious too, it says at the time of posting that mtavc 0.4 is 80% whilst the core is %50 there must be something they've done and can tell us? i'm curious to if they are changing the aiming and things to server side or keeping them client side, but i haven't seen anywhere that that says anything, suppose shouldnt' ask and keep waiting tho
  8. man i know thats a mobile(cell for americans) number, but uh how exactly does it get u a free server? and ya i think u need to take out the 0 to call from overseas i know normal numbers u do... i bet some poor guy is having tons of people phone him for mta server and he's like having a mental breakdown:p
  9. *edit, delete, i don't want to offend anyone by replying to the comment about this post so i'll just delete it and pretend i never said anything normal *
  10. its actually worked fine for me, except the .5c one, which seems to crash a lot, othan than that the .5b one seemed to work flawlessly, only crashed if you tried to cheat i have noticed how no one accepts that that there are good points about this mod, anyone noticed that the shooting/aiming is very good? Or that you can add your own cars/spawm points to mak the servers more unique + the fact lots of people complained about wanting a beta, and then it comes out and everyone says it sucks? even though with other unamed mods the bugs are accepted because it is a beta i'm not saying its perfe
  11. Don't throw underhand Deathb it's too easy to hit. Send me the client and meet me online with 94 of your closest friends. Cya tonight.... umm.... well.... guess we can't Ok well what is your definition of synced? Do you have to see a car to believe it's there? Does synced weather count when the sky is purple? Ah what the hell I have read the bug reports you tell me What from that feature list has been delivered? Is he waiting for technology to catch up to his ideas. When we all have 10 gig processors we can play this mod easy I can't wait Cya in MTA tonight, buddy uh why don'
  12. if you set the software to 0 seconds i'd imagine that would disable it automatically scanning, then when you want to look for a new network (if ever you do) there should be like a refresh connections buttons or rescan or something maybe?
  13. i've been using the software that came with my wireless network cards, disabled the windows one altogther, found overall its slower and less reliable, generally connects at 22mbps, with windows generally connects at 5.5, wierd huh? although i guess not all wireless routers/cards come with thier own software? origo is the ones i have in case anyone is wondering
  14. i've never noticed a performance loss when disabling agp although i think nvida chipsets tend to rely heavily on the agp..disabling agp in direct x just disables direct x using the system memory to store textures (as far as i know) so it would speed it up considerably if you have a 128/256card or even 64 i should imagine as it doesn't have to store textures in the slower system memory, i guess dual ddr channel pc3200 doesn't have that problem but for people with pc133 or slower ddr it would be considerably slower using system memory? can't do no harm trying and it can always be undone!
  15. what if you try disabling AGP? ( i mean seriously with a 256mb graphics card do you need ot enabled?) i haven't tried it on mine yet, but i'm guessing it could speed things up well try either disabling AGP in direct x or set the apartiture? can't remmeber how its spelit but its size to disabled or something in the bios (if i remember correctly rockstar actually suggest setting it to 4mb or off because the textures get loaded into system memory, and sometimes virtual memory, both of which are considerably slower than the video cards memory) otherwise...prahaps you need to defrag your drive?
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