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  1. jebi ga, meni triba sa objašnjenjen
  2. i need script for pm
  3. will it do it every two minute
  4. just write showChat in console(f8)
  5. no, i want to disable t and y keys and make my own GUI what outputs chat
  6. it is easy for you becouse you are mta coder, but i am not i am only .net programmer
  7. whatever i write it cant work, please help i am noob at mta coding
  8. and what code is for if player money is 0
  9. so i write setPlayerMoney(-1), right
  10. ok, but i dont know script for money removing
  11. TonyJunakPRO


    can someone make timer script what will remove 1$ each 2 minutes(only will remove money when GUI window is visible) and also if money is 0 message will appear
  12. sorry, my bad it works fine now
  13. i copyied it and it writes TonyJunak: nil
  14. i used code what you gave me, but whatever: full client: ScreenLocked = guiCreateWindow(22,175,141,267,"SmartEX C45",false) guiWindowSetMovable(ScreenLocked,false) guiWindowSetSizable(ScreenLocked,false) ImageLocked = guiCreateStaticImage(9,30,123,228,"images/ScreenLocked.jpg",false,ScreenLocked) ScreenLocked_UnlockImage = guiCreateStaticImage(32,122,59,61,"images/unlock.png",false,ImageLocked) ScreenLocked_UnlockButton = guiCreateButton(5,194,110,19,"Press to Unlock",false,ImageLocked) guiSetVisible(ScreenLocked, false) ScreenMenu = guiCreateWindow(22,175,141,267,"SmartEX C45",fa
  15. but it writes me on chatbox: TonyJunak: false whatever i say it writes: TonyJunak: false
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