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  1. Sorry i updated newset dxscrbrd and i use the res. score fps topic closed?
  2. at serverffs i can not do anything on the console Mfg an23 i use serverffs my self and [TER]Clan u should do it in game console when u r logged in as an admin And im not sure if it does somethng to do that serverFFS sell only mtasa 1.0 serv
  3. i have this http://portforward.com/english/routers/ ... advert.htm A-Link RR224AP(i)
  4. and it works if i delete and go to other server too ?
  5. DeadTeamRacing


    i have dxscoreboard
  6. DeadTeamRacing


    [2011-03-02 05:03:08] == Details for resource 'race' == [2011-03-02 05:03:08] Status: Failed to load [2011-03-02 05:03:08] Included resources: 4 [2011-03-02 05:03:08] killmessages .. OK [2011-03-02 05:03:08] scoreboard .. NOT FOUND [2011-03-02 05:03:08] votemanager .. OK [2011-03-02 05:03:08] helpmanager .. OK [2011-03-02 05:03:08] Files: 60 [2011-03-02 05:03:08] == End ==
  7. DeadTeamRacing


    Well when i start my server it says this 3:33] Resources: 158 loaded, 17 failed [2011-03-02 01:33:33] Querying game-monitor.com master server... failed! (500: Internal Server Error) [2011-03-02 01:33:33] Starting resources.................... [2011-03-02 01:33:33] ERROR: Unable to start resource race; [2011-03-02 01:33:33] Server started and is ready to accept connections! and it just starts freeroam and says when i do /start race it says resource is running but it has errors i cant figure out what errors PIC:
  8. im not sure if u understiid my point i just want that it shows whetever player is alive waiting or dead in the dxscoreboard
  9. this is my meta <meta> <info name="Toptimes" description="Toptimes addon for Race" author="ccw" type="script" addon="race" version="0.0.3" build="r472 02Oct09"/> <script src="_common_tt.lua" type="server"/> <script src="util_tt_server.lua" type="server"/> <script src="databasetable_server.lua" type="server"/> <script src="maptimes_server.lua" type="server"/> <script src="toptimes_server.lua" type="server"/> <script src="_common_tt.lua" type="client"/> <script src="util_tt_client.lua" type="client
  10. And how about state likee dead,alive,waiting,not ready And where i put this thing
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