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  1. Cool resource, I haven't found any bugs yet
  2. but is it easy to decompile? I mean, is there a point to compile it?
  3. Is it possible to create 'compiled' resources which you can spread out but where nobody can see the source code?
  4. you can select an option to allow remote connections when you intall your MySQL Server
  5. I found out with Debugscript 3, I wrote function with capital ^^
  6. I have made a function to test out xml file working, but now it doesn't work, nothing happens when I activate the function, the function is here: Function createFileHandler() local RootNode = xmlCreateFile("new.xml"," newroot") local NewNode = xmlCreateChild(RootNode, "newchild") xmlSaveFile(RootNode) end addCommandHandler("createfile", createFileHandler)
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