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  1. Although there are few bugs, I enjoy it. I also love how it runs better than IV and San Andreas on my crappy old laptop: i7-2670QM, 16GB DDR3 RAM, NVidia GeForce GT 555M (3GB) I have my settings on medium-high, resolution 1920x1080 and no lag at all, I haven't checked but it feels my FPS is over 30 all the time. I'm one of those whose game didn't start up, but this fixed it:
  2. I'm not so negative, perhaps there is some generous person around these grounds If needed I'm even willing to throw in a little extra
  3. Hey everybody, I have some problems with this script: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/45248772/s_vehicle_system.lua When vehicle is created with /makeveh it works perfectly, but ALL vehicles that are made with /makecivveh have some bug in them. When getting information from mysql about owner, faction, fuel (and I don't know if there are any more) it turns all numeric values to false. That means in mysql owner is defined -2 and script gets false, fuel 100 and script gets false, faction -1 and script gets false. Does anyone have any ideas why this is happening? I'm new to scripting and this our last
  4. Managed to get it working. Re-downloaded everything from linux.mtasa.com and then added custom files one-by-one and edited config files line-by-line. Now it works. Thanks to everybody who tried to help.
  5. yum update was already done, did upgrade, still same error
  6. I said, it's there ,file exists It's not hard, he is just doing something wrong. Did you check if the server-id.keys is being saved on a existent location? my server is located in /home/ng/mta and file is /home/ng/mta/mods/deathmatch/server-id.keys
  7. file exists in the requiered folder, tried deleting it, still no luck
  8. Tried that, still same error, checked via sFTP, all permissions are granted
  9. Got it working, but now other error appears: [TIME] ERROR: Could not read or create server-id keys file at '....location...../server-id.keys' [TIME]Server stopped!' Only happens on linux, works in windows and worked on older host.
  10. I have followed all of the instructions on this page: http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Building_MTASA_Server_on_GNU_Linux#Running_on_a_64_bit_Linux Including the Running on 64bit linux! and now our server is creating this error: Any help appreciated!
  11. Hey everybody, I know you problably think that this is wrong that I'm using a vG script on my server, but since we are creating a small local server, there is no need to script something other. Anyways to the point. I've managed to get most of the things working, but I have problem with following things: Cannot create gates from In-game Gatebuilder (/newgate), after you have done everything and click SAVE, nothing happens and adding them manually into the databse I can only add gates that everyone can open. I need help to get this gatebuilder working or how should I add it into mysql to ge
  12. Hello and sorry if I posted it into the wrong section. nG | Northern Gaming is looking for a new scripter for MTA RP server. Our old scripter moved away into military and if we can't find anybody who can script, I'm afraid it's the end of nG. I'm afraid I can't offer any cash, since our budget is not it's best. If anyone would like to help us, we would appreciate it. Also, if anyone would like to help me learn lua scripting, then I would extemely appreciate it. Thanks in advance, - nG | Community owner
  13. So I started working on this script again, but is teher anyone, who can help me set up things correctly. So far, only thing I have managed to do is change first spawn location to LV.
  14. thanks, work's perfectly, but I had to swap in attachTrailerToVehicle trailer and source places. Also, added that newly created trailer uses same colors as the cab uses Thanks for the help
  15. okey, now it keeps spawning trailers and console gives WARNING: lvrp\baas.lua:53: Bad argument @ 'setElementData'
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