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  1. Randy

    High ping on MTA servers

    I understand. Thank you for your assistance mate.
  2. Randy

    High ping on MTA servers

    Tracing route to 183.ip-51-255-37.eu [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms 2 40 ms 40 ms 40 ms 109-228-192-1.milleni.com.tr [] 3 41 ms 41 ms 40 ms [] 4 * * * Request timed out. 5 * * * Request timed out. 6 62 ms 61 ms 61 ms [] 7 69 ms 70 ms 69 ms 8 98 ms 98 ms 97 m
  3. Hello there, For some time now I've been getting unusually high ping (only) on MTA servers. Every other online game I play I get the usual amount. This is from MTA on a server in France. (Same in game) This is League of Legends (EUWest) (Lower in game) Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Could you take a look at this please?
  5. Pastebin link (https://pastebin.mtasa.com/507773186)
  6. I mostly play on race gamemode and driving Infernus or controlling Hunter is unbearable. Vehicles move slowly, as if my FPS is 10 or something. Hunter gets out of my control at times, the game is basically unplayable. It's hard to explain, as I didn't find many others who had the same problem. I've tried reinstalling both GTA and MTA. I've formatted my computer. Played on different servers. I'll include a dxdiag report: ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report: 12/2/2015, 18:59:29 Machine name: GAMER-PC Operating System:
  7. I am having the very same issue on Win8. Please look into this. Edit: I guess the problem is solved with the patch.
  8. Randy

    FAKE "GMC"

    Hello, I'm Randy from old GMC team. Like all of known DD/DM servers knows me and us. It is a shame that I feel like theres nothing to do against these people. They have been doing this since -almost- a month. I've tried to talk to them and told them to JUST rename their server name. As you can see they haven't done that. The topic looks plain without any proof, but as we said you can easly compare both servers, and surely contact us about this. If there's another way of reporting this, please tell us.
  9. I just asked for that, he was there on one of my topics, where I asked something about scripts.
  10. I hope I can ask a special question to you, Solidsnake14. Do you know scripting ?
  11. Hello, We need some Scripters or Photoshoppers for our servers, our server(s) name called GMC, exist since 2 years. We have 3 servers, Race/Deathmatch / Destruction Derby / Hard DD ( Private server). We have some popularity in Race servers, but a bit late to search for managing team for our servers. You can help/contact us from these contact adresses; Skype: j.e.rucinski (Bosnia and Herzegovina) or alex-k37 (Russia) Msn: dimitrylukinic@windowslive.com or you can use our Forum to start jobs directly, to join our Art Team (for Photoshoppers); http://www.gmc-mta.de/viewtopic.php?f=15&
  12. Randy

    Server list spam

    I've noticed a fake server of us today, we own those 3 servers; |GMC| :: Hard DD :: http://www.gmc-mta.de ..:: ex-|GMC| Race/Deathmatch ::.. ..:: ex-|GMC| Destruction Derby ::.. BUT, this server '' ..:: ex-|GMC|100% DM/DD::..'' is not our server, fake with everything, that person who created it even faked our Clan. That's funny or sad, I can't decide. Is there anything we can do ? Like renaming their server with permission of MTA Community ?
  13. I asked for a script that is for public, but thanks anyway.
  14. Hey, I have a DM map with lots of Barrels, but I need a script that, if somebody blows near you, you won't get any affect of it. Any idea ?
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